How To Tackle Dry Skin in a Healthy Way?

Dry skin can occur due to various reasons however skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema make your skin more prone to dryness, Other than that, living in cold regions, low humidity climate, bathing in hot water, windy climate or over scrubbing can also cause dry skin. Bathing too much removes natural oils from your skin and same is the case with over-scrubbing. Etude House provides variety of products that are suitable best for dry skin. Regular effective skincare routine helps in preventing dry skin.

Some common ways to prevent dryness are:


Washing your face is extremely important to prevent acne. Make use of a non-foaming cleanser that is alcohol free twice a day. Stearic acid and linoleic acid help in healing dry skin. When looking for any skincare products or makeup products look for oil-based products.


Moisturises is something that should not be avoided at any cost. The best thing you can do is find a moisturiser with SPF of at least 30. Try looking for a moisturiser with ingredients such as urea, ceramides, glycerol, cocoa butter and butter. Products that have fragrance can further dry out your skin.

Other body parts 

Body parts other than face such as neck, face and hands find something that is easy to apply and does not leave any residue behind. For acne-prone use products which contains cocoa butter, coconut oil or petroleum jelly. For non-facial body use thicker cream or moisturiser after bathing. If it feels too greasy make use of it at bedtime or on areas with tiny cracks. If you have extremely dry skin apply a moisturiser on your feet and put on socks when going to sleep.

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Bathing or showering too many times a day especially with hot water can cause loss of excessive oils from body. Make use of hypoallergenic and allergen-free body and skin products to prevent excessive oil from being lost. Use of pumice stones or loofahs should be avoided at all cost.


There are different fabrics available, some allow your skin to breathe while others don’t. Fabrics such as cotton allow your skin to breath. Wool is known to irritate your skin. In order to relieve itchiness from dry skin put a soft damp cloth on that area to relieve irritation. For laundry, use dyes free or detergent free clothes which don’t harm the skin.


Get your hands on a portable home humidifier that is attached to your furnace. It adds moist air to your room which will prevent dryness. Hot, dry indoor air can cause dryness to sensitive skin and itching and flaking. Fight these conditions by using a humidifier.           


Dry skin can be extremely harmful. However, it can be avoided by some simple steps or in more serious conditions as advised by doctor. Sensoo Skincare has a wide variety that helps you to stay hydrated and soft even in chill and cold. Physical health is also important for perfect skin. Eating habits and proper routine can make you feel better and relax. Take all the essential steps and you would have no problem in achieving radiating skin.