How to Reset Epson Ink Cartridge?

When printing, it is possible that your ink cartridges may malfunction and interrupt the printing process. It can occur even when printing a single colored page. Conversely, there is a possibility that the printer might only print black colored text although you have ink left in your cartridges. Therefore, working with a printer can sometimes be a challenging task if you are not familiar with basic troubleshooting concepts. Resetting an ink cartridge is one such example. This is where things get a bit tricky because mostly, people opt for buying a new cartridge instead of resetting it.

So, all you need to know is how to reset an ink cartridge and you will be saving your time as well as money. Talking particularly about epson ink cartridges, they come with built in memory chips that inform the printer that it ran out of ink. It is indeed an effective strategy to stay updated when it comes to your printer’s health. However, one of its major drawbacks is that it sends false notifications about finished ink to your printer.

Despite having ink, the memory chip alerts the printer that it has no ink and the printer stops the printing process. This usually occurs when you buy a remanufactured ink cartridge. In such cases, the memory chip is not reset and retains the previously held data tricking the printer into thinking that there is no ink in it. To overcome this, you need to learn about how to reset an Epson ink cartridge. Below appended are steps to guide you through the resetting process.

When Resetting Is Required?

So, you just replaced your ink cartridge, but are being notified repeatedly that the printer does not have ink in it. This is one of the most common errors and can easily be dealt with simply by resetting your ink cartridge.

Finding The Reset Button

To begin with, it should be noted that not all Epson ink cartridges are built the same way. Therefore, there is a possibility that some of the ink cartridges might not have a reset button. However, for the ones who have it, it is normally located at the center of the chip. For example Epson 78 refillable cartridges.

Epson Ink Cartridge Resetting Tool

Another effective way of resetting your Epson Ink cartridge is using a resetting tool. If your ink cartridges are empty you can always use this tool to help you reset the memory chip. Additional benefit of using this device is that it can be used for filling Epson printer ink.

Moreover, please bear in mind that the resetting process depends on the type of Epson ink cartridge that you are using. Therefore, before you decide to purchase an Epson resetter, it is always important to check how many pins your Epson ink cartridge has. In this case, the number of pins should always be equal to the number of pins of the resetter. Steps to reset your ink cartridge using Epson resetting tool are given below.

  • First, remove the printer’s print cartridge.
  • Next, you need to align the cartridge with the base marks on the Epson resetting tool.
  • Moving forward, you need to firmly press the reset tool’s pin along with the chip.
  • If you see a green blinking light, it means that you have successfully performed the reset process. If not, do keep the tool pressed for a couple of more seconds unless you see a green blinking light.

Resetting The Epson Ink Cartridge With A Paperclip

Another effective and easy way to rest your Epson ink cartridge with the help of a paperclip.

  • First, straighten a paperclip.
  • Next, remove the Epson ink cartridge from your printer and locate a small opening underneath the chip.
  • In the next step you need to eject the chip by inserting the pin in the opening.
  • Once done, replace the cartridge and you can proceed with printing.

Swapping The Cartridge Chip

It is possible that you may have a considerable amount of ink remaining in your cartridge, but the printer notifies you to replace it. It is because your printer is being falsely notified about your Black and CMY cartridges.

  • In such cases, you need to gently remove both of them and then the chips.
  • Once done, swap Black cartridge chip with CMY and vice versa.
  • Then you need to press the ink change button after reinstalling the cartridges back into the printer. You will be notified by your computer that the ink cartridges are full.
  • Moving forward, you need to press the ink change button.
  • Once done, uninstall both of the ink cartridges and repeat the process, placing the chips back on their respective cartridges.
  • Install them again and you are ready to take out some quality prints.


Printing can be enjoyable if you know how to troubleshoot a printer in the event of a malfunction. In most cases, the problem is not complex and can be easily solved if you have a basic understanding of it. It is always beneficial to stay up to date on such processes because they will not only save you money but time as well.