How to Prepare Your Car for Sale

Selling a car used to be a simple process. Park it at the end of your driveway or on the road, put a ‘for sale’ sign on the dashboard, and wait for the right buyer to walk by. But in the used car market of today, old strategies for selling your car probably won’t get you very far. Savvy buyers and sellers today have access to a range of online tools that are designed to make buying and selling cars easier, safer, and faster. If you are looking to sell your car, then it’s important to make sure that it is prepared to get the best price. Getting your car ready will ensure that it makes the best first impression on potential buyers, and may also help you sell your car faster. 

Do Your Research

First of all, you will want to do your research so that you know exactly how much the car is worth and how much you are likely to get for it. A car for sale that is priced too high or too low is likely to put knowledgeable buyers off. Too high, and buyers are going to continue shopping around to see if they can find a better deal elsewhere, and too low might make buyers think that there is something wrong with the car, leading to them avoiding it. 

Minor Repairs

To prepare to sell Audi R8, it’s a good idea to make any minor repairs that need to be made. This could be something as simple as changing out the windscreen wipers and topping up the oil. Check that all the electrics are working and that the tires are in good condition. It may be worth having a basic check carried out by a mechanic to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the car that might end up with you taking less than it is worth. Sometimes, minor issues could cause you to lose out on a lot when selling, as buyers might haggle the price down due to the inconvenience of having it repaired themselves. 


The car should be fully cleaned and valeted before you sell it to ensure that it makes the best first impression on buyers. Have the car professionally cleaned both inside and outside. Shampooing the seats, polishing any leather, and applying some T-cut to any minor scratches or scrapes will help you make sure that buyers don’t have any negatives to focus on when they first come to view the car. You may also want to have underneath the car cleaned, or get the engine professionally cleaned – not only is this good for car performance but it also looks better when done, and shows that the car has been well cared for. 

Selling your car can be a lengthy process if you want to find a private buyer, and you are up against a lot of competition. To get a faster sale and a better price, it’s important to make sure that your car is fully prepared for sale.