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How to place your floor lamp the right way in your living space?

A floor lamp is an incredibly efficient lighting design that can completely change the face of your decor and add some much-needed warmth to your living space. A fabulous ambient lighting fixture, you need to be mindful of a few things to use a floor lamp to its full potential. A floor lamp can accentuate the ambience of your space but also lend to the functionality quotient of your beautiful abodes. While planning the lighting layout of your home, all you have to do is think about the purpose of the floor lamp that you’ll be placing in a particular space. 

It becomes much easier if you just know the purpose of your floor lamp but if not, don’t worry as we have your back and we tell you about all the permutations and combinations that will transform your living space beyond your wildest dreams. We’ll also tell you how you can use other lighting fixtures to complement your floor lamp. Now, take a look at all the ways you can use your floor lamp or place your floor lamp to bring the best out of your decor. 

1. Right next to your seating space

This is probably the most common way of decorating your space with a floor lamp. This is the safest option and easiest way to place your floor lamp as you can never ever go wrong with it. The floor lamp not only highlights your seating area but creates stunning focal point to complete your decor. You can also enhance your ambience quite effortlessly this way. Your floor lamp can also set the mid-level lighting this way and it can complement your overhead lighting fixture too if you have any. 

2. Place it in a corner 

The best way of decorating or filling up a corner is to place a floor lamp as it not only fits there perfectly regardless of any other factors but it balances out the light perfectly in your decor. A floor lamp can also beautifully eliminate shadows in the space if it is actually placed in a corner. Along with that, it also becomes a stunning decorative element in your space. You can use a countertop or any kind of table to complement the floor lamp in the corner. You can also create a small reading spot next to the floor lamp. 

3. Use the floor lamp as an accent lighting fixture 

An accent lighting fixture is used to highlight anything that you think deserves attention. It could be anything from a home decor, a piece of furniture, artwork or anything that you think adds a distinct flair to your space. A floor lamp can beautifully highlight any of these things and accentuate the aura of your space. You can also use a floor lamp to highlight a joinery in the space too. Basically, any kind of decorative element can be highlighted using a floor lamp.