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How to Choose the Best Type of Synthetic Carpets?

The majority of the wall-to-wall carpet market comprises synthetic, man-made fiber carpets. Many people choose synthetic fibers over natural fibers (like wool) for various reasons, including cost, strength, durability, and stain resistance.

Unquestionably, carpeting gives your entire space a lovely texture that feels opulent and inviting under your feet. With so many options for carpet flooring on the market, synthetic carpets have carved out a niche by offering a vast range. If we talk about the texture of carpets, most people often choose those made of synthetic fiber.

Some Of the Top Picked Synthetic Carpet Options

There are four main categories of synthetic fibers that are utilized for carpets. Every fiber has unique qualities that make it more desirable than other fiber types or more suited for particular uses than others. The four primary types of synthetic Carpet Dubai fibers are listed below.

1. Nylon (The Most Functional Synthetic Carpet)

Nylon is a well-known carpet material that has built a solid reputation in the carpet industry for many years. Because of its resilience and strength, or the capacity to recover from being compacted or flattered, it is a fantastic option to produce even though it is very pricey.

Out of all the different synthetic carpets, it is the best fabric to pick. It is far more resistant to stains and has a lifespan of roughly 10-15 years. Because it is shielded by a stain treatment film, which naturally increases its resilience and longevity and makes it more attractive.

2. Polyester (The Finest Type Of Synthetic Carpet)

Since many years ago, polyester has been the most excellent form of synthetic carpet since it is the most flexible fabric in the industry. It certainly enhances the appeal of the entire room by providing it with a really beautiful appearance. However, the fact that these polyester carpets are created from recycled materials makes them worthwhile to purchase.

Additionally, it has undergone numerous changes that have made it considerably more stain-resistant, sustainable, and demanding. When seeking synthetic carpets, people frequently choose carpets made of polyester fabric to increase the appeal of their living area. Additionally, you may purchase this eco-friendly carpet at a reasonable range.

3. Triexta (The Newest Type Of Synthetic Carpet)

Triexta is a new product in the carpet industry, but the floor coverings market is already buzzing about it. Although both of these fibers generally share a common ancestor with polyester, several significant variances between them distinguish triexta from other synthetic carpet types.

This recently developed synthetic carpet fabric is significantly softer than polyester. Unlike polyester, it is made using some advanced level biotechnology that uses corn glucose in its manufacturing process, making these carpets as environmentally friendly as polyester carpets are and reducing off-gassing.

4. Olefin (The Leading Type Of Synthetic Carpet)

Olefin is the finest synthetic carpet material and is best employed in producing looped carpets, such as Berber. Most people like to purchase such carpets to give their area a more opulent impression because of their appearance, which is almost identical to wool.

Olefin is the most incredible option for spill-prone areas because it is far more stain-resistant despite not being as durable as other synthetic carpets. You can simply keep it in regions that receive direct sunlight to improve the beauty of that area because it is also fade-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about its color fading.

Several Suggestions For Maintaining Synthetic Carpet

Regardless of the synthetic carpet you choose from the best carpet shops in Dubai for your living area, ensure it sufficiently intensifies the appearance of the space. Naturally, you must maintain it in the best manner possible for it to happen. Here are some valuable pointers to assist you in managing your synthetic carpet and making your home comfortable and peaceful.

  • Keep your shoes off the carpet. It may result in fiber damage and quick wear out of your carpet in Dubai.
  • After coming inside from the outdoors, try to prevent your pets from immediately treading on the carpet. Their paws’ dirt can embed itself deeply into the carpet’s fiber, shortening its life.
  • As soon as you notice the stains, treat them.
  • When you find any food or drink that has been spilled on the carpet, remove it right away.
  • Do the fundamental cleaning routine every day.
  • Obtain expert assistance at least twice a year.


These are the main kind of synthetic carpet fiber that consumers use and enjoy the most. There are carpets of all different qualities made with each sort of fiber. You can’t determine a carpet’s quality just based on the fiber’s composition or twist because the carpet’s quality also depends on various other elements. 

But before you head out to shop, I advise first assessing all of your needs and determining where you need to buy the carpet. Then, I advise purchasing in accordance with your findings.