We would like to believe that providing our tradesmen with a fair and adequate hourly wage would be sufficient motivation for them to arrive on the job and give 100% to the task every day. 

In reality, though, earning a respectable wage is no longer enough to keep your workers motivated. To maintain the motivation of your workers in 2023, you will also need a solid incentive program with defined goals for them to achieve.

According to the “Incentive Theory of Motivation,” a behavioural theory, humans are motivated by their need for reinforcement and rewards and will act in ways they believe will result in benefits.

It’s possible that your employees are not significantly contributing to the company’s revenue. One strategy for combating this is to define weekly objectives and provide incentives for outstanding performance. Three basic actions are required to accomplish this:

1) Set Goals

The five weekly KPIs most frequently monitored by tradesmen are total works completed, total invoiced, average sale amount, upsells, and callbacks. Keeping an eye on these indicators can assist you in proactively identifying problems and provide you with valuable information that you can share with your team.

2) Specify Incentives for Achieving Objectives

As an example, the handyman might receive $50 for each upsell. In a matter of weeks, this could easily amount to a $200 incentive. Given that the upsell certainly resulted in a substantially larger profit, the owner’s operating expenses are minimal.

While you’re here:

Are you adequately insured as a tradie?

Trades insurance is a specialized form of commercial insurance that offers protection against the dangers that experts in skilled trade industries must deal with. Tools insurance, public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, and other types of coverage can all be incorporated into a custom insurance policy that is specifically designed for tradies.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you may be unable to work until the situation has been resolved due to a dissatisfied client, accidental property damage, or an injury to you or an employee. You can continue working without any additional hassles if you have the appropriate insurance. Hiscox tradesmen’s business insurance offers protection against the unforeseen by paying for things like compensation expenses, legal fees, tool repair or replacement, and more.

Rank Your Tradespeople 

Give your employees a ranking so they know who is consistently surpassing their objectives and who must work harder. This is a wonderful way to motivate your team members to be “the winner” because most tradesmen relish an opportunity to compete with one another.

Pair the tradesperson who produces above-average work with the individual who consistently underperforms. It is likely that the tradie who is lagging is inexperienced and would benefit from an opportunity to work with someone more seasoned. When improvements start to manifest,  express your gratitude by publicly complimenting their efforts and congratulating them on their achievements.

You must motivate your tradesmen while maintaining exceptionally high retention and job satisfaction rates.

This can be achieved through training and acknowledgement.

The most successful motivational techniques are not always monetary; for instance, work security, professional accomplishments, career development, and an increase in responsibility are all free and highly beneficial.

Consider how much MORE your tradesmen could be earning for your business if they possessed a little ambition and drive.