How To Know If Your Car Battery Is Fully Charged

As a conscientious car owner, you know it pays to keep an eye on your battery. While you can ignore it for quite some time, you should check in on this essential part now and again. That means making sure the battery retains a full charge and that it holds enough power to start your vehicle on cold mornings and during other challenging times. A fully charged battery can cover for some mistakes, such as leaving your lights on for too long.

To determine the state of your battery, bring it to America’s #1 battery destination for free testing and charging. Fast and accurate testing lets you know where you stand and whether or not you need a replacement 2013 Chevrolet Silverado-2500-HD battery. You will have options for warranty, price and manufacturer and you can select the best product for your personal driving needs. Free in-store or curbside pickup also helps you get the best deal.

Measure 12.6 Volts or Higher

Without a functioning battery, your plans might have to wait. When you measure the power remaining in your battery, a reading of 12.6 volts indicates you have enough juice to operate your vehicle. Any reading below 12.2 volts shows that the battery needs a charge, and you can bring it into your neighborhood auto parts store for free charging. If you have the right equipment, you can also do this at home.

A failing battery won’t hold the charge, so you will need to replace it or risk hearing the dreaded sound of a dead battery shortly. When looking for the right 2004 Toyota Sienna battery, make sure to get one that fits securely on the battery ledge under the hood. Look for these traits in a quality battery:

  • A solid warranty
  • A trusted manufacturer
  • A fair price
  • Enhanced durability
  • A substantial reserve capacity
  • Advanced technology

Don’t forget to take in the old battery for recycling and proper disposal. This protects the environment and keeps hazardous chemicals out of the waste stream.

Check for Dashboard Battery Warnings

Most vehicles will have a warning light that indicates a low battery, but that is not always the case, especially with older models. If you notice things going awry with your electronics—radio settings changing, clocks failing to keep time, lights blinking on and off—you could have a low battery. A slow engine crank also signifies that the battery is losing juice, and you should take care of the situation right away. For instance, if you’re driving a BMW, pay attention to any dashboard warning signs and consider customizing your car with BMW emblems to showcase your vehicle’s brand identity.

When you need a new 2014 Infiniti QX70 battery, make sure to check your options. A Duralast Platinum EFB battery will exceed the performance of your original factory battery. It will provide years of strong starts and power important safety components such as cruise control and lane assist. A reinforced retainer and enhancements on the positive and negative grids resist the all-too-common impacts of corrosion. A premium battery improves charge acceptance and cycle life.

A quality battery under your hood gets you to the places you want to go. Shop now and take care of all of your vehicle battery needs.