How to Increase Website Traffic? | 4 unstoppable methods

You have put an e-commerce online for your professional activity, but you notice that your number of visitors is stagnating? Do you want to increase the traffic of your website in a sustainable way? The web is an exceptional tool for gaining notoriety and visibility among millions of Internet users. But to attract a larger audience to your blog or online store, it is necessary to put in place the right techniques. Here are 4 unstoppable methods to use right now, to increase visits to your website.

1. Link an SEO-optimized blog to your website to attract new customers

A blog is a powerful device for improving website traffic. Why? Because it proves to search engines that you are an active element on the web and that you produce novelty. In other words, you appear to be the ideal candidate to put forward in the eyes of Google!

Associating a blog with your website is therefore a wise investment, because this tool generates three advantages on its own. First of all, it helps improve your natural referencing. Then, it allows you to show off your skills and know-how for all to see. Finally, it offers you the possibility of establishing direct links with your customers and prospects.

But for your blog to bring you more traffic, you will have to put in place editorial content optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Indeed, nowadays, search engines are able to analyze and understand the texts written on your websites. Google will therefore tend to penalize unreliable and/or unoptimized articles. Here is a non-exhaustive list of tips to apply in order to amplify the impact and SEO potential of your blog:

  • Publish qualitative and relevant articles that will be useful for your readers.
  • Use a rich vocabulary and a lexical field adapted to your activity.
  • Architect your texts using HTML tags.
  • Feed your blog regularly (at least once a week during the first months of its launch).
  • Structure your content strategy using an editorial calendar.

2. Use SEA to increase visits to your website

Paid referencing, known as “SEA” (Search Engine Advertising), is a regularly criticized marketing tool. However, coupled with a long-term SEO strategy, it turns out to be an interesting tactic to increase traffic to your website. Indeed, the SEA allows you to quickly position your online store on specific search terms. Therefore, by being immediately visible to the eyes of Internet users, your blog will have a better chance of being visited.

The reference tool for creating a paid campaign on Google is called “Google Ads”. Once created, your advertisement will be placed above the natural search results in a dedicated box. Then, as soon as an interested Internet user clicks on your link and the link is here that how to hire a ghostwriter in town, you will pay a sum defined upstream with Google. Depending on the popularity of the targeted request, the price per click may vary between a few cents and several euros.

But beware, the SEA is not a magic wand! For your campaign to be successful, prior targeting work will be necessary. Thus, you will need to carefully study the expressions that your target is likely to type before accessing your site. A successful campaign will allow you to boost your traffic and obtain a quality audience directly interested in your offer or your services.

3. Create a newsletter to generate attractiveness to your website

The newsletter is a great way to build customer loyalty and increase visits to your site. But that’s not all! Your e-mailing will also allow you to support your expertise and establish your authority around your theme. In addition, by inviting itself into your audience’s messaging system, the newsletter creates a feeling of exclusivity and confidentiality.

The newsletter allows you to communicate with people interested in your activity. Nevertheless, Internet users do not always have time to visit your blog or may end up forgetting you! Setting up a regular newsletter will therefore be particularly useful in these cases. Indeed, it can serve as a reminder to your subscribers and encourage them to visit your website.

For your newsletter to increase your number of visitors, present attractive and impactful content. Indeed, if the Internet user considers your e-mail as useless or without interest, he will not hesitate to unsubscribe in a few clicks. Depending on your professional activity, here are examples of newsletters that will encourage your readers to visit you:

  • Owner of an e-commerce? Offer exclusive private sales.
  • Professional blogger? Communicate in preview on your new product and offer a promo code.
  • Craftsman or entrepreneur? Share your latest blog post and add new information.

4. Write guest articles to increase website traffic

The guest article, also called ” guest blogging “, is a technique unknown to the general public. It consists of writing an article which will then be published, under your name, on another blog. In order for this type of action to really improve your traffic, it is recommended to write on influential sites. Indeed, a popular blog will offer you the possibility of being read by a larger audience.

For a popular blogger to agree to publish your text, the written article must be of excellent quality. Thus, your writing must imperatively bring a strong added value and respect the rules of SEO web writing. By following these two rules, you will drive traffic to your host’s blog and the exchange will be a win-win for both parties!

If the host audience appreciates your text, they will quickly click on the link pointing to your online store.

This link, called “backlink”, will increase your number of immediate visitors. Subsequently, Internet users won over by your publication will come back to consult your content regularly. The guest article therefore generates a virtuous circle system. Thus, you develop your credibility around a specific theme and increase your popularity on the web.

Used alone or in a complementary way, these 4 methods will allow you to increase the traffic of your website. To carry out this substantive work, consider getting support from an SEO web editor. His expertise and his perfect mastery of web writing will save you precious time in your project. Do you want to boost your audience without further delay? Contact us to reach your goals as quickly as possible!