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How to Encourage Impulse Buying in Your Repair Store?

You have made your grocery list with all the necessary items that you need for your week or your month. You go to the grocery store fully preparing yourself that you have to stick to the list. After entering the grocery store, you look at the new spicy ramen flavor, oh with original ghost peppers! Your heart starts racing and you start to imagine, “Will I be able to survive its Scoville level? I need to give it a try! And there it goes into the cart and the grocery list is buried deep down along with it. This way you end up buying way more stuff than you need. And you are standing at the check-out counter wondering what happened. 

I am one hundred and ten percent sure that it happens to you all the time. This is literally me when I go shopping. We are just like an Alice lost in the wonderland of treats and goods, picking things on the way, some useful, some not. This significantly happens at brick-and-mortar stores as compared to e-commerce stores. This is because people actually see and feel things which triggers all their senses.

As a repair shop, you have all the chances to lure customers into impulse buying because they can see and feel everything in your store which is well displayed on the repair shop software as well. Your challenge is to make your customers buy things they didn’t come to buy for instance accessories, equipment, etc.

You know 70% of people decide to buy things in-store and most people do window shopping and end up buying things unplanned. Let’s check out these 5 points on how you can use impulse buying and unplanned purchases to your advantage.

Make Offers They Cannot Resist

If a customer comes in for a computer repair, you create their ticket on the computer repair shop software and take their device. Now with that customers are also seeing all the processes in the customer-facing display repair shop software. Along with that he also sees exciting offers on the display like a free hands-free with two repairs or a pair of cell phone covers only for $9.99. The customer will immediately buy it and think “what a bargain” while patting his shoulder. This way he purchased your merchandise without even knowing.

You can make these offers by pushing their psychological buttons like:

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Make an offer that creates a sense of urgency among your customers. He would feel that he has to get it or he will lose something beneficial for him. These offers are usually for a limited time like some special item e.g “AirPods for $29.92 just for today”.

Greater Value Less Money

Make an offer that has value for customers in less money like buy one get one free. This offer is so powerful and works every time because customers find value in it that they are getting way more than they are spending but you are basically tricking them into buying your products more.

Excitement to Try New Things

Some people come to stores to buy as they go around. They are not prepared and are willing to try new things. With this, you can give offers with the new products and attract such an audience.

Product and Signs Should Be Visually Appealing

After making irresistible offers to the customers, make sure they are visually appealing. Humans are vulnerable to colors especially bright ones like red, blue, yellow, and esthetics. They hit their sight with the pleasure it needed and customers are attracted to it. The red color is usually most effective in this scenario just like Coca-Cola’s, also it is the same for signs.

Also, do a red-colored theme display on your repair shop software. It grabs the attention of customers from far away and they can see your offer.

Decide Perfect Positioning of Products and Offers

After perfecting your display, be strategic with your positioning. Just like most stores tend to put bathing suits and sunblock together. They know that customers will be going for a swim if they need a bathing suit and will also require sunblock, and vice versa.

Apart from that, you can put some new items along with the best-selling items or right beside the checkout counter. It is where every customer will see them easily. You can also provide some samples for them to use. Try to put earphones on your checkout counter because it is a thing that everyone needs, easy to grab and go, and costs very little.

The positioning strategy can help you do wonders if you also deploy a salesperson at the checkout point and he is suggesting to the customers to try out products put on the checkout counter. This persuasion will grab the customers’ attention and they are 90% more likely to make a decision to buy that product.

Make Use of Point of Sales Software

Having technology like the customer-facing point of sales software is best for any business especially repair stores where customers directly come to the counter for their repair devices or inquiry. Here they can see ads and other products that you offer in your store and will have the information about your stores and other products while waiting for their device.

You can offer some personal recommendations, limited-time offers, and discounts on the point of sales software display so that they can make decisions there and then.

These are a few points but there could be a lot more. Maybe you will have also thought of some by now based on your store location or products. Try these to encourage impulse buying and unplanned purchases in your repair store and let me know which worked for you the best.