8 Top Tips For Planning A Virtual Awards Ceremony

It has become a trend to go virtual for each and everything and even among the event organizers it has become a trend. An event on a virtual stage gives more exposure to the event on the global level. A virtual event platform acts as a Return on Investment for a company and one does not need the large-sized halls and spaces for the event.

There is no physical marketing involved and no hassle of accommodating the guests and looking after them. The favorite guest can attend the event virtually and can be in their comfort zone. Between all these perks of an online show platform, one challenge is to keep the audience engaged throughout the ceremony. As a lot of people are concerned about screen time nowadays, it becomes difficult to have them spend that time in front of the screen.

Having all of these points in mind, one needs to figure out ways of making the ceremony interesting enough to keep the audience engaged.


· Picking out the right platform

To organize a successful virtual ceremony, it is very important to select the right platform, like Dreamcast. The compatibility of the platform for the event is a crucial consideration. Even the minor details of the event need to be considered beforehand since the smallest glitch can take away the experience of the audience and they might drift away. If you had to use VPN like privacyenbescherming or privacyinthenetwork you should not hesitate as it adds on a security to your meetings and enhance the experience.

A platform friendly to the device, easy to handle, and easier to access is considered to be the best for virtual events. If a website can function well, without consuming a lot of internet then it’s an additional perk of the same. What features are built-in into the website is something that needs to be analyzed before for smoother conduct of the event.

Some of the most important features are quizzes, surveys, gamification, and social walls which make it easier for the organizer to choose.

· Leaving space for the sponsors

No award ceremony whether virtual or live can be conducted without the help of the sponsors and thus it becomes necessary to not miss out on them. The logos of the company can be shown on the screen or they can be thanked for helping out to organize the event.

An engaging social media wall is also used to keep the audience attracted to the event and hooked on it. On the social wall, the sponsors can get some space along with the name of the organizer. Doing this will help in getting the sponsors again for the next event and the audience will trust the event more.

· Creating a social wall

A social media wall for every virtual event is very important as it displays all the content from different social media platforms. All of this content is either brand-related, user-generated, or influencer promotion with the branded hashtag, mention, tags, etc.

Since a social media platform helps in the successful organizing of the event, it is an engagement booster for the audience. The user-generated content on the wall will encourage the audience to participate and create awareness for the virtual awards gala.

Taggbox display gives the layout of a unique and attractive social media wall and makes it easier for customization. All the best quality content from the social media platform is displayed on a single wall.

· Engaging open sequence

A virtual ward ceremony is like watching an award show on TV and it is important to have a first impression because it is a deciding factor for the audience. An opening title generates curiosity and intrigues the attendees and convinces them to be present during the entire event.

Some eye-catching graphics in the virtual award show platform along with the background music appeals to the audience. The themes and color of the show can be adapted from some of the famous shows that have been held in the past.

· Live streaming on media

The online event services provider should ensure that the ceremony when streamed online is available for everyone. The power of social media should not be underestimated because it has taken control over the functioning of life. The link to the virtual ceremony can be shared via social media.

The online show platform can be made famous by updating the details about it on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and other applications.

· Keep the show short

Whether it’s an award ceremony or a virtual trade show platform, it is very important to keep the time and perspective of the audience and make the show tightly scripted. After a point of time, the audience gets tired and they start losing interest. To avoid this from happening, keep the show tightly scripted.

Give the virtual attendees a reason to stay in the ceremony for a long time. They can be dazzled by the presentation of the ceremony and not want to leave the show. Many different ways can be used to capture their attention and it is a fast-flowing ceremony.

Don’t let the audience drift off during the hybrid or virtual event platform.

· Mastering the ceremonies

The moderator is known as the master and helps to conduct the entire event whether it’s a virtual fashion show platform smoothly. Have auditions before the actual event to select the best entertainers and it will keep the audience engaged.

· Pre film

A virtual gala is live and the glitches are likely to be spontaneous at the point and it becomes necessary to avoid the possibility of awkward situations. The pre-filming of the speeches and performances helps to keep the editing and the audience is thus engaged in the smooth conduct.


A virtual function including a virtual motor show platform is not just awards but a lot more than that. However the process is being conducted, it is important to keep the audience engaged.

This article deals with the tips to host a virtual award ceremony successfully without stopping because of the glitches. Everything needs to be handy to conduct the event smoothly.