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Home Security Ideas for Residents in Florida

Talk about home security and the first ideas that come to mind are surveillance cameras or a security alarm system at home. These are the two go-tos and the most reliable methods of securing your homes. But here’s the thing, are these the only ways to secure your home and keep your families safe? Is there really no other way?

While people in Florida may use motion sensors, wired fences, and other tech to add to their existing security measures, here are some ideas that could probably help with improving security too. 

 Devices That Can Help With Home Security

1. Use Smart Cameras In Place Of Ordinary Surveillance Cameras 

Do you know Smart Cameras are a much better means of carrying out video surveillance as opposed to regular cameras that we tend to install? If you didn’t already know what a Smart Camera really is, then this is for you to read. 

Installing a Smart Camera for surveillance is going to be one of the best decisions you make – and if you already have cameras, maybe just replace them. Let’s begin with how the camera device actually looks. But how is that important you would ask? 

Well, Smart Cameras are comparatively quite small in size as opposed to regular surveillance cameras, and with that, they are also weatherproof. So not only are they ideal to place outdoors but indoors too. And since these are smart, they feature wireless variants too! 

Here’s the real deal though. With Smart Cameras, you’re not bound to a single monitor installed somewhere in your home with a split screen showing all the cameras’ footage – instead, the live video is accessible from your smartphones and laptops. That means you can watch over your homes from practically wherever you are! Pretty cool right? These are probably the best home security camera Florida residents can install in their homes. 

2. Attach a Smart Lock to the Deadbolt on the Front Door 

Smart Locks make entry to your home keyless but what they’re also great for is being tamperproof. So, ideally, they can minimize or provide protection against people trying to break in. This also means you don’t have to leave behind spare keys under the doormats or planters or lend a key to your neighbor so they can water the indoor plants while you’re out of the city.

Now Smart Locks come in different variants, but they mostly have to be attached to the deadbolt of a door. And how do they work, you ask? These devices can be managed through our smartphones and also through voice assistants using voice-enabled commands. 

You can lock and unlock your door with the tap of a button on your phone, while some smart door locks can use your phone location to auto-lock and unlock themselves as well. There are different kinds: ones that feature keypads, ones that can have finger or retina scanners, and ones that can be managed simply through our phones. Nonetheless, still better than a regular door lock that can be picked easily.

3. Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlights

This is specific to people that have yards in their homes. Installing an outdoor motion sensor floodlight is the perfect deterrent for intruders and trespassers. Also, it’s the perfect way for lighting up your yard or your driveway as you make your way to the front door. 

What you should know about outdoor motion sensor floodlights, is that they can cover a comparatively larger area of detection in order to really do the work they’re made for. A lot of them are available in LED – not only does that make the light brighter than any ordinary floodlight, but it also uses lesser electricity in the process. 

4. Get a Video Doorbell for the Front Door 

A video doorbell won’t let you miss out on a single person coming to your front door. But with that, it also subs as a great surveillance camera to keep an eye on what goes on in front of your home. How do video doorbells work then? Well, they are connected to your smartphones which makes them accessible to you from practically wherever you are. So guess what, you won’t miss out on even a single delivery again!

Back to the part where we said a video doorbell is like a surveillance camera. Considering you can answer the door from your smartphone, in the same way, the live video is accessible from your smartphone too. But not only when the bell has been rung – the cameras normally run a live video feed that you can access at any time. That’s not all though. 

With some video doorbells like the Google Nest Doorbell, users can receive instant alerts as soon as any movement has been detected, even if the bell hasn’t been rung. 

Are There More Devices Like These?

Florida residents would greatly benefit from incorporating such devices into their homes. Not only does it serve the advantage of bringing about automation in the house, but it also works by helping out with providing safety for your home and those within it. Are there more devices that serve multiple advantages like the ones mentioned above? There might just be! Head on over to www.firstenergyhome.com today and browse through their Smart Home catalog.