Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome Treatment

Treatment for ‘Burning Feet’

When it comes to treating ‘Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome’, there are a few different ways and approaches that the patient can take. It largely depends on the intensity of the condition, and the attitude of the afflicted person.

People who are only facing some mild symptoms can be fine with taking a few self-care treatment steps on their own, while others who have developed a more severe condition should go see a doctor. This latter option is advisable only when the symptoms are worsening and are not being alleviated due to the self-care treatment. Psychiatrist cleveland ohio advised to do these treatmetn.

Self-care steps

Here are some things that you can try on your own.


For easing the pain, you can try taking some painkilling drugs such as ibuprofen or you can buy tramadol. Be sure to stick to anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medication. Not using the latter can, instead of helping the condition, worsen it.

Creams and Lotions

This one is more applicable if the patient is suffering from an infection i.e. athlete’s foot etc. If the person with Grierson-Gopalan syndrome had been suffering from any infection beforehand, treating the latter can be helpful and beneficial for the overall condition.

One can use anti-fungal creams to treat athlete’s foot or any other fungal infection.

Soaking the Feet in Cool Water

This step is good for getting some momentary alleviation of the pain and discomfort. If you feel particularly uneasy with the warmth and pain, try putting your feet in cool water for some time. Doing this can be helpful especially before retiring for the night. You will be able to go to sleep easier if the pain is temporarily lessened. Also Check out adhd treatment ohio.

Keeping the feet raised

This is something that is advised to patients suffering from diabetes foot as well. Keeping the feet on an elevated surface is usually helpful in countering inflammation and improving blood flow. You can take this step passively i.e. whenever you sit down on a chair, keep another chair close by with a cushion on top to rest your foot on. Similarly, when laying down, pop a pillow underneath your heel to keep the leg raised.

Prescribed Treatments

If the above treatments don’t have any apparent effect on your condition or if you don’t find any lessening in the pain and discomfort, you can visit your doctor and opt for some medications instead.

Anti-fungal medicine

If the primary cause of the condition is seen to be an existing infection, treating the latter can become a vital step in the recovery process. While you can try anti-fungal creams to treat it yourself, oral medication can be more effective and helpful. If, on the other hand, the infection is impervious and unaffected by ointments and creams, orally administered medication may be the only treatment solution.


As mentioned earlier, high blood glucose levels are one of the main causes of the Grierson-Gopalan syndrome. To bring the raised glucose level back to normal, the patient can resort to insulin. In case of Consultancy book psychiatrist appointment online.

Vitamins and Nutrition Supplements

If the cause behind the syndrome is diagnosed to be a lack of vitamins or nutrients, taking supplements can be an effective treatment.


For treating the Grierson-Gopalan syndrome, it is better to first resort to self-care and home treatments before going to see a doctor and taking more decisive steps. In this post, both the self-care and the prescription treatment aspects were mentioned. According to your specific situation and condition, your doctor may advise exercise and physical therapies. For diabetic patients, changes in food intake may also become necessary.