Google Cloud Platform prices. How much does cloud cost?

Google Cloud Platform is a set of more than 200 services and tools through which companies can build, test and deploy their solutions. Is it worth investing in Google Cloud and how much does it cost?

GCP costs – how are Google Cloud Platform services billed?

Google Cloud Platform eliminates a large part of the upfront costs that companies incur when using their own physical servers. So the expense of purchasing, installing, configuring and ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure disappears.

The vast majority of services available through Google Cloud Platform with FOTC operate on a pay-as-you-go model. We only pay for the actual consumption of resources. This is a win-win solution for start-ups, whether they are just starting up or do not have a developed infrastructure or a large customer base, as well as for internet giants, who do not have to worry that a sudden spike in traffic will block the use of their applications.

Google Cloud Platform status – services health dashboard worth monitoring

Each Google Cloud Platform service has a specific SLA (monthly uptime percentage), beyond which the user can claim a portion of the cost. This defines the percentage of monthly bill that does not meet the SLA which can be deducted from the next month’s bill.

For example, the Cloud SQL database service has thresholds:

  • monthly uptime percentage from 99.0% to less than 99.95% means 10% of the bill that will be credited for future,
  • from 95.0% to less than 99.0% equals 25% reimbursement,
  • less than 95.0% means 50% of the refunds deducted from the next month bill.

Financial Credits will be made in the form of a monetary credit applied to future use of the service.

In order to receive credits, a user must contact Google support within 30 days of a failure affecting the operation of the cloud application.

The status of service activity can be observed at

Learn more about Google Cloud Platform during training sessions

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