Football Is The Best Game For All Sports Lovers

From the beginning of the year or at the start of the school year, playing sports is always on the list of good resolutions taken by most people. At present, this initiative is not very easy to achieve. Due to the coronavirus, going to a gym or jogging outdoors is not really recommended. The best option then: doing sports at home. To stay motivated, a selection of  video games like afk arena tier list 2022 has been chosen by the Yahoo News site .

Ring Fit Adventure

For all sports enthusiasts , Ring Fit Adventure  on Nintendo Switch  combines physical activity and playful adventure. The player practices sports exercises while traveling through a beautiful world and fighting creatures. He uses the Ring-Con, this accessory is used as a support for the realization of all the tests.

For years, the Just Dance license has been moving the whole body of sports enthusiasts while dancing. In addition to the best previous episodes, the 2020 edition has more than forty songs from the greatest artists like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande. So, it presents a plethora of choices for any sports fan.

Fitness Boxing

Also on Nintendo Switch , Fitness Boxing allows you to perform physical exercises. The activities are very varied and suitable for all levels. It is indeed possible for the player to set the duration of an exercise. Moreover, athletes can choose to work their whole body or only a part (legs, shoulders…). To get into the mood, around twenty musical tracks accompany this sports video game.


Since 2017, the success of Arms on Nintendo Switch has never diminished. Currently, this video game makes our whole body move with a complete title that also allows you to embody colorful characters. Fights can be done alone or with a friend. They require you to use the right techniques and respect the timing to beat the opponents.

Superhot VR 

This video game stands out from the others since it is played only via a virtual reality headset. Superhot VR is a shooting game offering a varied arsenal to overcome 34 levels. The athlete must constantly do everything to avoid enemy fire. Thus, he must move his whole body and employ his physical skills.