Everything you need to know about collagen shots

Collagen is a type of protein found in the body’s various connective tissues. Being part of the connective tissue, it is one of the most abundant proteins present in the human body. It is primarily found in the skin, hair, nails, and joints. The substance keeps the body intact. Collagen frames a scaffold to give strength and structure to the body.  

Two types of collagens are present in the body required for smooth and healthy functioning.  

Endogenous collagen: It is the natural collagen that is orchestrated by the body itself.  

Exogenous collagen: It is synthetic collagen (manufactured). It comes from an external source, such as collagen shots and collagen supplements.  

Endogenous collagen holds significant importance in the human body as it is one of the building blocks of healthy skin, hair, nails, and bones. It plays a vital role in building supple, healthy, and graceful skin. From our mid-twenties over, as our age grows, natural collagen starts depleting from our body. Loss of collagen from the body results in various health issues and diseases.  

That’s where synthetic collagen comes into play. To meet the body’s requirements and maintain the elasticity, firmness, and radiance of the tissues in the body, collagen shots and collagen injections are used. It helps in the regeneration of muscle fibers and the production of connective scar tissue. It aids in strengthening joints and ligaments to help in smooth movements. Along with the benefits of repairing the body tissues, collagen supplements are also utilized for medical and cosmetic purposes.  

Health Benefits of Taking Collagen Shots 

Collagen shots have an abundance of health benefits for the body and beauty. Being a powerful natural supplement, adding collagen shots into your daily diet and healthy lifestyle is advised.  

A daily dose of collagen shot helps the body increase its collagen creation process bringing about positive outcomes on hydration and elasticity of the skin. It promotes wrinkle-free skin, healthy and shiny hair, strong nails, flexible joints, strong bones, and overall smooth body functioning.  

Here are the top benefits of collagen shots that will motivate you to add the supplement to your body and beauty regime.  

  1. Bright and Hydrated Skin 

As we age, the body’s creation of collagen diminishes, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin. Daily intake of collagen shots slows down the process of aging and increases hydration levels. Reduced wrinkles and fine lines on the skin is proof that taking collagen increases the body’s collagen production and affects the development of two other significant proteins in the skin, elastin and fibrillin. Also, UV rays break down the collagen at a high-rate speed, and the addition of collagen shots in the diet helps improve the skin’s appearance.  

  1. Thick and shiny hair 

Aging also affects the thickness of the hair. With age, men and women both experience loss of hair or thinning. Collagen helps in improving the health of your hair by utilizing the amino acids present in the collagen. Taking daily collagen shots helps build hair proteins and strengthens the scalp for solid and shiny hair.  

  1. Beautiful, healthy nails 

Nails are an essential element in enhancing the beauty of the hands. But nails are easily inclined to splitting and brittleness. Collagen supplements are used to boost nail growth and reduce the chances of breaking off nails.  

  1. Strong and flexible bones 

With age, bones become weak and less flexible, causing intense pain. Collagen supplements have proved to make your bone mineral denser and joints more flexible. The issue of bone weakness is more found in women after the menopause period when estrogen production is decreased, leading to variation between bone formation and breakdown. Collagen shots help women by slowing down their age process, making their bones brittle.  

  1. Muscle Repair 

Collagen supplements help in muscle growth and the production of connective scar tissue to improve the body’s natural healing process. It helps in strengthen muscle fibers and gain the muscle mass.  

  1. Improved digestion 

Another benefit of collagen is improved gut health. It contains amino acids glycine, glutamine, and proline, which strengthen the intestinal tract and stomach. It shows anti-inflammatory effects as well. 

How do collagen shots work? 

Collagen is an indispensable part of our skin, hair, nails, and articular cartilage. As the collagen production in the body begins to slow down after a certain age, it can be taken into the body through a specific diet or by using dietary supplements. 

Collagen in the collagen shots is hydrolyzed to make consumption easy. It breaks down the larger molecules of the protein into smaller pieces, called peptides, to make them effortlessly retained in the stomach. 

Liquid Collagens are more beneficial and more accessible to consume than solid supplements as they are capable of absorbing into the body more quickly and efficiently. It is better tolerated than capsules and powders. 

BonAyu Collagen Shot contains liquid collagen, which helps in skin repair and enhancement. It contains skin-healthy nutrients such as collagen peptides and vitamins, which reduce wrinkles and give smoother and firmer skin. Regular use of collagen shot helps improve hair strength and nail growth. It is avaialbale in a pack of 6 bottles in different flavors.  

BonAyu’s All Natural Collagen Shots have the appropriate amount of collagen your skin needs to hydrate it.  

When the collagen supplements were made, the aim was to add additional active ingredients into it because when we intake collagen as a primary substance, it only breaks down in our digestive system like any other protein we consume. But when we add boosting elements like Vitamin C to collagen, it acts as a stimulator and helps the body to start processing its collagen production again! 

The active ingredients present in BonAyu Collagen Shot are collagen powder, niacinamide (Vitamin B3), pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6), cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), Vitamin C, and biotin 30 MCG. 

This is the reason why BonAyu Collagen Shot is a power-packed nutrient shot to add it to your body and beauty regime!