Entrepreneurs’ Top Online Tools For 2022

Digitization and visualization are critical elements for entrepreneurs in 2022. Effective tools to manage and visualize the key aspects can help you sustain and scale your business. We’ve divided the article into four parts consisting of general management tools, finance management tools, marketing management tools, and human resources.

Let’s review some of the most popular and fitting tools for each domain that can help you as an entrepreneur in 2022.

General Management Tools

General management refers to the responsibilities of organizational positions and their roles. Mostly project planning and execution tools are discussed in this segment. 


ProofHub, a project management program, strives for simplicity without sacrificing essential capabilities. It excels at facilitating teamwork with multimedia elements and is reasonably priced for entrepreneurs.

But the fact that ProofHub provides capabilities to enable your team to analyze visual assets makes it one of the top project management apps. ProofHub should be at the top of your list of choices if the types of projects your team manages contain design work, ads, or other graphics. Also, using it is surprisingly simple.


Todoist is the best to-do list software and a resounding Critics’ Choice victor thanks to its excellent user interface, applications for every popular platform, and collaborative capabilities.

Todoist is the finest to-do list tool, working across all of your devices, tracking your employees’ productivity, and letting you thrive on business organization and analysis. Todoist is simple to use and offers applications for all popular platforms and devices.

Bit enables you to centralize and exchange all of the digital information in your proximity. has you covered whether it’s internal information exchange or exterior client-facing files.

Furthermore, Bit includes pre-built templates to help you get going right away. You may also design your well-organized templates and then duplicate them to use as models in the future.

Using Bit, you can add many different file kinds to your projects and give them meaning by assigning them a title and an explanation.

Finance Management Tools

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Finance management tools include budgeting tools, predictive tools, and analytical tools. As an entrepreneur, your probability of success depends on how you manage your finances and reuse your profits in the business without wasting them away. 

Budget Management Tools

Budget management tool allows you to track your credit utilization and key insights about spending through a clean graphical representation. 

Depending on your size of business, your personal and business budget and debt repayment plans can be analyzed and developed with their debt paydown simulation feature. 

With a detailed transaction view going back at least 2 years, an effective budget management tool ensures that your monetary spendings are well-supervised and controlled. 


The capabilities provided by Xero for organizing purchases and sales transactions, project monitoring, and account reconciliation are excellent. Its great selection of features for small businesses has been reinforced by recent modifications of its setup and new enterprise overview.

The usual accounting procedure for small firms is effectively simplified by Xero. It includes all of the key financial components you would anticipate from a double-entry small company accounting solution, including sales, transactions, invoices, stocks, and payments. 


BrightPay, the Payroll Tool of the Year 2018 winner, is an automated enrollment and payroll management tool.

One of the top providers of payroll software for corporations is BrightPay. It assists your company in maintaining correct payroll records and auto-enrollment compliance. Payroll management is reduced by using this safe, reliable, and user-friendly payroll software to pay staff and manage tax computations.

The cutting-edge payroll software has features that simplify key handling to assist you in managing an effective business.

Marketing Management Tools

For the sake of business growth, you need to have streamlined marketing tools to effectively manage your marketing strategies and developments. For that, you need at least a CRM tool to manage your customer relationships, a keyword planner to effectively place your ads, and a content marketing tool to get ahead of your competitors. 

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM maintains its position as the Editors’ Choice option for CRM thanks to unbelievable pricing and a slew of fresh, practical features, including deep customization and the Zia AI tool.

For many years, Zoho CRM has been at the top of customer relationship management (CRM) rankings. Although it is most well-known for small to medium businesses, the feature set of the tool is comparable to that of the majority of enterprise-grade CRMs.

With the introduction of Zia, an intelligent analytics engine, you can utilize it to better understand sales irregularities and patterns.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is made to make it simpler for marketers to create new ad groups and campaigns.

You may explore keywords using Google Keyword Planner, which also offers data and traffic projections to help you get a sense of how well-performing your selection of keywords will be.

In terms of high search volume, Google Keyword Planner is reasonably accurate, but it lacks in performance for keywords with low search traffic.


Even when you possess all resources, conducting extensive research is necessary for creating high-quality content. Hopefully, BuzzSumo is one of the marketing tools that, with just a few clicks, greatly simplifies and improves the quality of content research.

This software is specifically designed for outreach, backlinking, competitive analysis, and content study. It’ll help you create a long-term content plan and make on-the-fly adjustments to it.

BuzzSumo is simple to use, and you won’t have to fiddle with a plethora of toggles to obtain a result.

Human Resource tools

Managing talents, employees, and retention is the job of the human resource department. To simplify the functions and save on time and monetary aspects of your business, you must fall back on human resource tools that help your HR professionals do their job effectively.  


No matter where or on what device your employees work, the Kazoo Talent Management Platform has everything you require to build a strong, interconnected culture.

With Kazoo, your employees are better engaged, your managers are developed to be better leaders, and your productivity and company performance soar when you combine Goals & OKRs, Recognition, Feedback, Conversations, and Incentives into one, simple-to-use platform.

No matter where or on what device your employees work, the Kazoo Talent Management Platform has everything you require to build a strong, interconnected culture.

With Kazoo, your employees are better engaged, your managers are developed to be better leaders, and your productivity and company performance soar when you combine Goals & OKRs, Recognition, Feedback, Conversations, and Incentives into one, simple-to-use platform.


The HR outsourcing service Bambee is designed for small and medium-sized organizations. This Los Angeles-based startup, which was established in 2016, claims that every company in America ought to have access to skilled HR managers.

Bambee will make it easier for your business to adopt HR policies. It will verify that every one of the fundamental policies is current, signed, and repeated every two years.

Furthermore, based on the culture of your business, your Human Resources specialist will create unique regulations. So you’re covered even if you require particular instructions.

The Bottom Line

The mentioned top online tools are easy to set up and don’t require extensive technical knowledge to operate. General management tools like ProofHub, Todoist, and Bit are essential for managing your day-to-day business. Finance and budgeting tools such as Chunk Finance, Xero, and BrightPay help you minimize the budgeting, financing, and payment hassles. Zoho CRM, Google Keyword Planner, and Buzzsumo contribute to customer management and content creation. Lastly, Kazoo and Bambee help your HR professionals do their job more efficiently.