Can I Combine PDF Files into One?

Users who work with large volumes of documentation are often faced with the problem of combining them into one file. And many of them, unfortunately, do not know how to do it correctly because files of this kind have special features in use. If you want to read or edit such documents, you need a special program, and the editing process has significant differences from classical text editors. One of the most popular options for working with documents is the capability to merge PDF documents.

Merging the Documents

You can use a PDF software editor PDFPlatform or online tools to quickly merge documents into one file. The advantages of the online tools are a number of factors, including the following: 

  • There is a possibility to convert and edit a pdf online from a mobile device and a desktop computer.
  • Data and information are not stored on the website. They are deleted 24 hours after downloading, so you don’t have to worry about losing personal data and confidential information. All operations are performed automatically. If necessary the author of the document can share the link of the document to provide access to third parties.
  • The conversion process is quite simple and fast. You can easily convert documents from pdf to word.
  • As the editors work online, no software downloads are required. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • The possibility to easily edit, add, and compress is provided on a cost-free basis.
  • No special knowledge is needed to use online tools. Even a beginner will be able to understand the platform operation, thus quickly figuring out how to compress a pdf file, and merge or edit it.

If you want to combine pdf or take advantage of the pdf splitter, you need to find the appropriate platform and upload the required scanned or digital documents to the online PDF editor. The process does not take long. The main functions of such platforms include: the possibility to convert PDF to Word and vice versa, split, merge, compress, and edit files, and application of watermark. Furthermore, it is possible to convert PDF to JPG and back, Excel to PDF, as well as rotate, and sign documents in PDF format.

The PandaDoc application will also be an excellent assistant, as it provides many useful functions. To use it, you should go through a simple registration process. It enables you to get access to additional functions of the application, including saving finished files to a virtual storage cloud. This application speeds up the processing greatly, so users save a lot of time when working with documents in different formats.

The main difference between online services and special applications is that the latter need to be downloaded to the device. However, applications have much greater functionality, where it is possible not only to combine PDFs but also to use other useful features. Applications can also process large volumes of documents without Internet access, which means they operate in offline mode. This is what makes them different from online tools where a relatively small number of documents are processed and a stable Internet connection is a prerequisite. Therefore, it is recommended to users who regularly work with large volumes of documents to choose special software, which can be easily downloaded to a computer or laptop and has many important and necessary functions. However, there is a significant disadvantage – they require a mandatory subscription and there are fees applicable for using them. Online websites are a perfect choice for those who need to quickly merge a small number of documents, and cannot afford to pay for special software on a regular basis.