Can babies eat cinnamon


 Do many parents doubt whether can babies eat cinnamon? If they can eat, from which age they can start eating Cinnamon? How much quantity should I give to the baby? What happens if I give excess Cinnamon than required? What are the benefits of giving Cinnamon to a baby? In what situation do we so ,Now let us see about this. Can babies eat Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices, which is used in many food products. It is not only used for spice but is also used for medicine. It has many benefits but it be should be a bit clear to give it to the baby.

At the starting stage of giving solid foods to babies, we can give cinnamon spice in a fixed quantity. But if we give it excess than required to the baby, the baby may get some issues and his stomach will be upset and he starts crying and he will get disturbed and he will disturb us. So, please give it in a quantity with which the baby feels comfortable. By giving it excess, the baby may get some kind of allergies also. So, be careful. We can add it to the food of the baby after 6 months. We should mix it in his solid food, not in liquid food. Eating a teaspoon of Cinnamon is safe as per studies.

If you are baby is taking any medicines for blood thing, it is better to avoid Cinnamon.

Health benefits of eating Cinnamon

By eating Cinnamon also increases immunity in babies, which helps them to fight diseases inside the body.

As it is a strong antioxidant, it protects the body from free radical damage. It also avoids the baby from falling in sick. It also helps for baby in digestion. Not only it helps in digestion but also it helps in increasing the capacity of digestion. It also protects the stomach from acidic juices that are released into the stomach. It also helps in the treatment of asthma. It also removes blockages and helps the respiratory system to enhance.

It will heal our bodies. It also heals wounds easily because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in fastening the flow of blood in the body. It also heals bone fractures as it recovers speeding the process. It also protects teeth and gums. It prevents tooth decay and also does not let gums bleed.

Children will be moving here and there they may go out into traffic with their parents. Babies eating Cinnamon will protect the skin from the harmful pollutants which are harmful to the baby. 

By taking it consistently, the baby will have good resistance to diseases and will be resistant to allergies.

Cinnamon is widely used in many things. Some of the food items are Giving Gum, Toothpaste, cookies, candies, oats, and breakfast cereals.

Your baby may be allergic, If he is allergic, his immune system doesn’t fight against it. It doesn’t recognize it. It will produce histamine due to non recognition. Histamine will lead to irritation in the stomach of the baby and he will start crying as he feels irritated in his stomach. So, it will be a big problem if the baby’s stomach doesn’t recognize it. 

It will be different from person to person. A baby may be affected a lot because of it and a baby may be less affected because of it. So, it will be varying between babies. It may affect the skin, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. 

Skin Symptoms

Babies eating Cinnamon have some skin issues. Skin symptoms will be of different kinds. It will be depending on the baby’s body and his immune system and all. So, these are some of the Symptoms of the skin allergy

Itchy skin is one of the symptoms where the skin will be itching the baby. Due to itching, the baby will be crying always. Babies after eating Cinnamon may feel uncomfortable. Baby can bare it. It will be a big problem for parents also. So, take him to the doctor and use some medicines. 

The Babies after eating Cinnamon may also get suffered from vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramping because of this, the baby can’t eat anything and he can even if he eats, he will bring it out through vomiting.

The Babies after eating Cinnamon may also have symptoms of a cold. So, that baby’s nose will be snoozed and he will also be suffering from a cough. His eyes will be itchy and will be red. His through will be itchy and his tongue will also be itchy. So, he feels very uncomfortable and he will not eat anything.

In some babies, the allergy may lead to anaphylaxis. It is an emergency. Symptoms of it are Swollen lips and make baby breathing difficultly. It causes cough because of it. It causes dizziness and it will bring vomiting.

Give these to your baby only after 6 months of his birth. Observe the Babies after eating Cinnamon very keenly about his behavior and allergic signs. If you observe any of them, please contact the doctor immediately.

You need to be very careful when selecting the baby. If you need to add a strong flavor, grind it and make it a powder. The power will have a strong flavor compared to other states of flavor.

How to add it to food

We can add cinnamon to baby food in many ways we can give a marshes banana and coconut milk with cinnamon it is a common and best way of adding cinnamon to babies’ diet. We can also give apples and carrots with added cinnamon it is also a common and the best way toad cinnamon into a baby’s diet plan. Many people will also add cinnamon to their baby’s diet plan by adding cinnamon to almond milk which is a homemade one. 


If he is non-allergic to cinnamon, we can give it in the required and fixed quantity every day. If we give more than the required quantity, the baby may fall sick and he may get an allergy. He will be suffered because of giving him more quantity. 

Buying guide

Buy a cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder from the most trusted and good dealers. Check its expiry date. The thickness of the stick says its quality of it. The powdered one loses flavor quickly. So, prefer the sticks.