Best QR Code Generators for 2022

As we move ahead in the digital era, many things have changed, starting from digital payments to information sharing. We are using QR codes and generating specific QR codes, for customized purposes. We require a QR code generator for facilitating the entire process. QR codes can be used for business information or financial transactions.

QR codes are changing lives and user experience for any service or business. We can now order food, book tickets, and pay money via QR codes. Before we learn about the best QR code generator for 2022, let’s explore some information about QR codes.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a barcode that can save the information in a series of pixels within a square grid. These codes have different usage in different industries. These codes can be used in any supply chain management system or financial transaction. QR codes are also useful in making restaurant menus and document downloads.

In the beginning, QR codes were used to track vehicles and a few manufacturing processes, but QR codes are used everywhere. QR codes can store websites, phone numbers, and other information like APP download links, verification of account login, and Wi-Fi Access. 

Factors you need to consider when to want to select a QR code generator

To select the best QR code generator for any business, you might need to consider some criteria-

  • Check the ease of use 
  • Focus on the given features- don’t compromise
  • Pay attention to the user experience
  • Cost in total
  • Always read the privacy policy

Here is the list of the Top 3 QR code generators

  • QR Code Chimp – best for everything
  • TRUiC QR Code Generator: Perfect for Small Businesses
  • QR Code Generator: Best for Broad Audiences

 QR Code Chimp – best for everything

QR code chimp is one of the best and most user-friendly QR code generators. This QR code generator does not require a paid account. This QR code generator gives the user multiple options to design the QR code and is extremely user-friendly. The best part of this QR code generator is shapes QR options such as Circular, Heart, Car etc.

QR creator offers the following types of QR code

  • Digital Business Cards
  • Single URL QR code
  • Multiple URL QR codes
  • URL shortener
  • QR code for Email
  • SMS QR code
  • Map QR code
  • Event QR code
  • Icon QR code
  • Artistic QR code


  • This QR code generator does not require any registration process
  • There is no restriction or expiry dates
  • Many free URL QR codes
  • High customization for magnification and color, cell and margin
  • Get QR code in EPS format in high quality
  • Get artistic background

Truic QR code generator

TRUic QR code generator is best suited for businesses among all the other QR code generators. This QR code generator has AI, which makes this generator smooth and fast.


  • Powered with artificial intelligence
  • Completely free
  • Get unlimited scans and downloads 
  • No expiry or limits
  • This QR code generator does not require any sign ups
  • Customization is available
  • Features like – URL QR code/vCard QR code/phone number QR code, and Email QR codes are available
  • This generator also provides FB QR code/Instagram QR code/YouTube QR code, and many more


  • This QR code generator does not offer the dynamic QR codes and EPS download

QR Code Generator – Best for Broad Audiences

Suppose you have to target the audience in mass numbers, then QR Code Generator: Best for Broad Audiences. This QR code generator gives a great reach and multiple types of QR code generation.

  • Text QR code 
  • Email QR code
  • SMS QR code
  • Wi-Fi QR code
  • Bitcoin QR code
  • Twitter QR code
  • Image QR code


  • Get the ability to add frame with the ‘scan me’ icon
  • Get the option to add a call to actions
  • Select the colors, shape, and logo 
  • Even sign up is required; this QR code generator provides privacy

These are the best QR code generators in 2022, and some are free QR code generators. Select the QR code generator as per the need and offered features; choose monthly or yearly subscription plans on your favorite QR code generator website.

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