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The Best Indoor Saunas Available Online

For thousands of years, saunas have helped people relax. People have also been using them as treatment and part of traditional medicine. Bathing in a sauna can benefit the body, mind, and soul. Saunas can reduce stress, detoxify the body, relieve joint pain, and raise metabolism rates.

A sauna can be any heating system that seeks to cause sweating. Scientists have found structures in Finland dug into the ground with stones surrounding them. Many believe these early saunas date back to 2000 BC. Now, saunas are usually wooden rooms heated with electricity, wood stoves, hot embers, or stones. Saunas are installed both indoors and outdoors. While they used to be difficult to find and purchase, they are easily accessible online. Consumers can find a variety of types and styles with ease. Keep reading for a guide on the best indoor saunas for sale online and how they can positively affect health.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have heaters made to detoxify, heal, and calm the body. Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to warm a body rather than using steam or dry heat to warm the room. The body takes in the heat, raises its energy, and becomes relaxed while it sweats.

Infrared saunas have can improve musculoskeletal problems. The heat can penetrate up to 50mm into the body so it can get into the joints and provide relief. This heat can work on inflamed or injured joints and sometimes help muscle spasms, sprains, or back pain.

Some studies have shown that infrared saunas help individuals lose weight. There is a correlation between saunas and weight loss. Saunas also boost the cardiovascular system, similar to the way that running does. Even though a person is resting in infrared heat, the body works hard to make sweat, pump blood, and burn calories. Infrared saunas can lead to decreased body fat, more human growth hormone production, lower cortisol levels, and reduced sweat. Some doctors suggest that, if a person sweats one kilogram of sweat, they will burn 586 calories. This is the same as a quick one-hour walk.

Infrared saunas may also improve circulation and lower blood pressure. As the body heats in the sauna, the heart rate rises, and capillaries grow larger and dissipate the extra heat. This energy provides a low-intensity workout for the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

A great benefit of infrared saunas is the ability to increase blood circulation and get the sweat glands going. They then release built-up toxins into the body. When individuals tune the wavelength of heat to that of the body, it can have an even greater detoxifying effect. When these toxins are gone, the immune system is stronger and more able to defend against viruses and bacteria. A sauna raises the body’s core temperature and results in an artificial fever. Fevers are the body’s way of strengthening the immune system.

Steam Saunas

Traditional steam saunas are usually small wooden structures that are heated. The heater is located inside the sauna and heats a stack of rocks. Some steam saunas produce heat through wood burning or electricity.

Differences Between Infrared and Steam Saunas

Because these are the two main types of saunas, it is essential to understand the differences between them. The greatest difference between the two is how they use heat. Classic steam saunas use a simple heater that heats the air. In turn, that hot air heats the individual in the sauna. A person sits in a wooden room heated by an electric sauna heater filled with rocks. Once the rocks are hot, someone pours water over them to make steam.

In an infrared sauna, however, the air temperature is not as important as the quality of the infrared heat. It only takes about fifteen minutes to heat an infrared sauna. As the body absorbs the heat, thermal energy will increase, and the body will begin sweating.

Time to Heat Up

Traditional saunas take 30-40 minutes to heat up. The rocks must be hot enough for soft heat and soft steam. An infrared sauna, on the other hand, only takes between 10-15 minutes to heat. This makes an infrared sauna much more desirable for some people.

Energy Efficiency

Saunas can vary in how much energy they require, and therefore how much it costs to run them. In general, infrared saunas are more energy efficient since users don’t have to wait as long to get into them. Consumers who use an infrared sauna three times a week should plan to see a $10 increase in their electricity bill.
The cost of using a traditional sauna will vary depending on the element that the sauna uses. A sauna with a 6kW element used for one hour, three days per week, would generally cost users about $20 per month.


All saunas are typically low-maintenance machines, but infrared saunas are the lowest maintenance. Because they create dry heat, there is less mold and mildew to clean. The only moisture produced is from the individual sweating. Traditional steam saunas, however, are very hot and damp and tend to grow mold and mildew. Those who choose a steam sauna should be careful to clean the space and keep it hygienically safe. They should not use bleach or harsh chemicals in a sauna. Sitting on towels can prevent germs from building up or sweat stains from developing on benches and walls.

Time in Saunas

People usually only stay in a traditional sauna for twenty minutes at a time. Sometimes, people prefer taking a cold shower afterward and repeating the sauna soak. Infrared saunas afford consumers longer use time. They have a dry heat, which is relaxing. Many users can enjoy it for at least forty minutes. Users need to ask themselves if they prefer a short, steamy sweat session or a longer, dry therapeutic time. It is a personal preference.

At-Home Saunas

Installed saunas can increase the value of a home, but homeowners can take portable saunas with them if they move. Option at home is a great option. Professionals usually install traditional saunas because they require plumbing, draining, ventilation, and electricity. This is also why traditional saunas are much more expensive than infrared saunas.

Many infrared saunas are pre-built or come in a portable form. Consumers find that assembling them is simple to do on their own. Typically, it takes two people one to three hours to put together an infrared sauna, and it only requires a few, simple tools.

Sauna Prices

The cost of a sauna depends on its size, type, quality of wood, heaters, and features. These can vary greatly. Steam saunas are usually more expensive than infrared saunas, mostly because they need to be professionally installed. Traditional steam saunas range in cost from $15,000 to $35,000.

Infrared saunas are less expensive, costing consumers around $2,500 to $10,000. Units that are more than $10,000 will be premium models. Carbon fiber heaters and extra features like sound systems with wireless capability will raise the cost of saunas. However, these may make the sauna experience luxurious, and many consumers are happy to pay for it.

Additional Health Benefits

The benefits of cardiovascular health, weight management, and toxin release have already been mentioned, but there are still more benefits.
Saunas are great for the skin. Deep sauna sweating cleans the skin by removing bacteria from the top layer of skin and sweat ducts. It clears pores and removes dead skin cells. Saunas also increase capillary circulation, which helps skin look softer and more youthful. Saunas also are thought to help maintain the collagen structure of the skin, which helps prevent wrinkles.

Studies also suggest that saunas can help with acne. Sebaceous glands on the face surround the hair follicles and give off sebum, a waxy substance to help moisturize the skin. When these glands get blocked, a blackhead emerges on the skin’s surface. If the blockage is underneath, individuals get a pimple. Saunas make the sebum thinner and help rid it of other toxins to unclog pores. This can improve acne.

Some studies also show that chronic fatigue syndrome can improve with consistent sauna use. Some doctors believe that those suffering from this have toxic build-up, and infrared saunas can help release these toxins in the body. Muscle pain, visual disturbances, dizziness, and muscle pain are common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, and regular sauna use can reduce them.

Finding the Right Sauna Online

Consumers can find the perfect sauna online within minutes. From iconic barrel and cabin saunas to beautiful indoor saunas, there are many designs to choose. Homeowners can upgrade saunas to complement their home’s setting as well, as they are available in a variety of door, window, bench, and heater options. Don’t forget to add some great accessories, such as ergonomic back and leg supports or mood-enhancing lighting. Bluetooth speakers and intercoms are other ways to personalize a sauna.

The perfect relaxing sauna experience is not far away. Don’t continue a stressed-out, hectic life without relief. Choose a favorite model and get started enjoying the many benefits a sauna has to offer.