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What to Expect from Bathroom Designers?

Homeowners who have decided to remodel their bathroom may wonder if it is worth hiring a professional bathroom designer. Keep reading to find out what bathroom designers do and how much they typically cost.


Bathroom Designers Near Me should take the time to get to know a homeowner, their family, and their needs. It is essential to conceptualize a new space that will function well. A designer must understand what a homeowner loves or hates about their current bathroom and how they want it to change.

Create a Design Concept

At this point, the designer will share the layout and functionality of the space. The main goal is to ensure that the homeowner loves the shape, design, and use of space. Homeowners will not choose materials, exact dimensions, or fixtures at this point.

Work With the Budget

Now is the time to examine the budget more carefully. A bathroom designer will know the market and work with homeowners to choose materials and products. They will give recommendations for helping to stay within a budget.

Choosing Finishes and Products

A bathroom designer will either show a homeowner their showroom or spend a day visiting stores to choose materials like floor tile, paint colors, and cabinet styles. Designers can help homeowners choose fixtures and products they love that are still within their budget. Designers also have access to some products that are not available to the public.

Ordering Products and Materials

A bathroom designer will ensure all measurements are correct, especially with cabinetry. Designers also secure stones or slabs needed for the project and are responsible for making sure that items get delivered at the proper time.


A good bathroom designer will help manage the building of the bathroom with the general contractor. The designer will typically be managing installations, ensuring that the contractors install the bathroom like the plans show. The designer will communicate with project managers running the remodeling project and ensure the bathroom ends up the way it should.

Bathroom Designer Costs

Designers can either work independently or for a design-build company. Most independent designers charge by the hour for their services, ranging from $65 to $250 per hour. The fees apply to all hours spent during the design phase, for meetings, phone calls, or time spent on the project.
Designers that provide materials in the contract often charge a cost and standard markup for their service fee. A designer purchases materials wholesale and then marks them up like a retailer would. This additional cost is their profit. Big hardware stores typically charge this way, and they will not reveal the wholesale rates or the markup.

Bathroom designers often charge a design retainer fee. This is a flat fee that covers the consultation, original design concept, and material selection process. This fee averages around $3,000. Some designers have a fee per room, such as $2,000 for a bathroom, and $6,000 for a kitchen. Other designers charge a percent of the final project cost.

Homeowners planning a bathroom remodel should seriously consider hiring a professional bathroom designer. Designers can help homeowners get the most for their budget while ensuring they end up with the bathroom of their dreams.