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8 Must-Have Tips for Real Estate Mobile App Design

According to market research, 95% of real estate agencies have their own app! Why? Just because people prefer to research online more. 

You know, the typical buyer uses a mobile device to search for properties like homes online. S/he looks for an app or web which shows property with photographs, actual and accurate location, and all needed information about the property. S/he then tries to contact an agent or that property owner before finalizing the purchase. 

Have a look at these stats, which shows how many people have searched online for finding homes. 

Use of internet to search for homes

As per the stats, the frequent home searchers are between 25 to 53 age.

Don’t you think that this reason is enough to build your real estate app? But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must have something unique in your application!

Let’s begin with the essential tips to make your app stand out from competitors!

Designing Tips to Keep In Mind When You Start Development of Your App

The design of your app matters because the first impression says it all! Everything matters in terms of design, whether a small icon or a button. It’s not only about how perfect your design is but how understandable it is!

Let’s see in detail what you have to keep in mind when you start designing your app:

  1. Choosing Icons

Do you know icons play a pivotal role in affecting user interface design? Choosing an icon is as essential as you name your app. Remember, a rightly defined icon represents a particular idea or an object through visual experience.

Well, in today’s times, simple design and icons are the best in use. Because icons help to signify the key points without mentioning them in text!

  1. App UI/UX

An app’s user interface has to be easy, familiar, and satisfying. A simple and minimalistic user interface attracts more people to your app. Also, keep in mind that the color scheme of your app should be soothing and not so jazzy. Every mobile app design services providing company keeps this point first in mind when designing.

When driving the user’s attention to a particular component, make it look different by using appropriate colors and textures.

UIs should also be enjoyable, or most minor, frustration-free.

  1. Buttons

Button style should be more attractive because, when the user uses your app, the button styles communicate the importance of action. Don’t make the user think much before clicking that button. If your button’s appearance is not proper, it will confuse the user about whether to click or not!

Also, make your buttons larger enough for reliable interaction.

  1. App Status Visibility

Be clear with your user. If your app takes time to load or process something, show it and tell the user about the process. It will make your user stay and wait. Instead of going back and closing the app just because it is not so clear whether something is going to happen or not!

  1. Checkbox for selecting filters/categories

When you provide a filter option to your app user, it will be easier for them to find their perfect property with less hassle. Also, it will improve in identifying the individual’s needs. 

A checkbox design in your app will make the process easier and faster for users to find their perfect needs.

  1. Property Listing With Cover Image

You must show certain information with suitable images to attract more users. Nobody will directly read all the stuff sometimes; they also want to look at the image first and then give a look at the description.

Especially in the real estate business, having actual images of the property is mandatory.  Hence, it will be a good design idea if you will show a property image and add a brief description below. If the user will find it interesting, then s/he will click on that button.

  1. Quick Information

Don’t forget that every user wants quick information without wasting their time. If you offer quick information, it will be the key to getting more user engagement. Rather than showing a lot of description, show only necessary things. This will help the user to identify the primary intent of that information. For example, if you visit any real estate app development company’s webpage, there you will quickly get an idea regarding its services! Just like that, provide users with some quick and understandable set of information.

When something goes wrong, or the user cannot understand something, he will definitely try to connect to you. Also, what you can do is you can put an option to get connected with the admin for any information or inquiry. This will look more informative to the user. 

  1. Typography

When you are on your way to making your app design more user-friendly, do not forget to maintain the typography. It is as important as your brand image! It attracts and holds the attention of every user.

When you have several heading texts, the sub-heading texts, everything should be in a manner. You have to take care and follow a particular case. Like, as a title case or a sentence case. It will make your design look more professional as well as reliable. Also, you can be creative with your typography design to attract the target audience.

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Wrap Up!

Some real estate Apps like Zillow, RedFin, BiggerPockets, Realtor.com, and LoopNet are already leading the App Store and Play Store. They all are competitors, yet they are equipped some similar features. Having the same features doesn’t mean that they also have the same UI/UX! So, keep these tips in mind, and you will be all set to create a real estate app that will stand out from the crowd.

For designing your real estate app, you can consult any reliable real estate app development company or mobile app design services provider for the same.