7 Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas For Women That Are On Trend In 2022

Women’s bomber jackets are cosy, but they are cool before anything else. They give you an androgynous look as soon as you put them on and even enhance your most drab outfits to give you a chic vibe. Women’s bomber jackets are trending right now for a good reason they keep you warm yet dry while making sure you look all done up without any trying at all. A bomber jacket will seamlessly carry you from a casual day out to a pretty vacation without having to change a thing about your outfit. Just match your footwear to your activities and let the bomber jacket work its charm. Below are 7 Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas For Women That Are On Trend In 2022, so you can buy a women’s bomber jacket and style it as per your preference.

1. Midi Dresses

Midi dresses and their length are trending right now. They look chic and allow for a wide range of motion in terms of convenient movement. Pair your black off-shoulder midi dress with black platform sneakers and a black women’s bomber jacket. This jacket will keep you warm and will not get in the way of the elegance of your midi dress. You could also break the monochromatic black look with a pink or red women’s bomber jacket and turn heads with this soft or bright contrast.

2. Jeans and a Top

Jeans and a top are wardrobe staples for women. This outfit can take you through a busy day as casually and comfortably as it can through a fun and glamorous day out. Just pick the right top layer and footwear, and you will go far with these clothing pieces. So, try pairing your solid white t-shirt with dark blue jeans and layer up with a white bomber jacket. Put on a pair of white sneakers for a peaceful vibe on a busy day or a neutral green jacket to break away from the brightness of the white. Accessorise with a white women’s ponytail cap and chest bag for extra stylish brownie points.

3. Traditional Indian Wear

The modern Indian woman prefers an elegant yet androgynous look in her traditional Indian outfits. Women are experimenting with their make-up, footwear, belts, and even jackets when trying out their traditional Indian wear. So, refuse to get cold just because you are wearing a lehenga or a gorgeous saree for your friend’s sangeet and pair either of these elegant outfits with a cool bomber jacket. Since winter season is basically code for wedding season, make sure you are matching or contrasting your bomber jacket and choosing some cool and comfy footwear for the event.

4. Office Wear

It is important that you look presentable for your office work, but as a community, we are past the point of compromising on comfort for style. Offices tend to get quite chilly for women. So, keep your bomber jacket handy at all times. Pair your traditional but office-appropriate traditional dress with women’s ballet sneakers and a bomber jacket for chilly days. You could also layer your burgundy women’s bomber jacket onto black office pants and a pink silk blouse. Accessorise with a pair of cool sunglasses and a women’s laptop bag to look and feel important.

5. Short Dresses

Short dresses, athletic or otherwise, provide a form-flattering and cool silhouette. Pair your short green dress with a pastel blue women’s bomber jacket to just slightly cut through the femininity of a short dress and redefine the extremely form-flattering silhouette. Wear your women’s sneakers with metallic accents or a suede leather upper to blend into the party crowd stylishly yet move around comfortably.

6. Charming Rompers

Rompers are in, and we are here for it! Pair your floral romper in quirky patterns and interesting colours with a bomber jacket to drastically change your silhouette. Rompers look great with jackets that are slightly oversized for your body shape and keep your movements comfy while keeping you cosy. Find one of the colours on your rompers and either match or contrast it with the bomber jacket’s colour.

7. Layers Upon Layers

Bomber jackets make for a fantastic layer upon your already layered outfit. So, if you are vacationing in a colder region, wear your bomber jacket with your cool vacation look. Pair your grey joggers with a slim-fit t-shirt and an oversized women’s hoodie, and add on the black bomber jacket to get more warmth and give a slight definition to your oversized silhouette. This is a great look for breakfast after a long and fun night. This will keep you cosy and cool without even trying too hard.
So wait no more and buy women’s bomber jacket, which comes in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Make sure you consider your already existing wardrobe before choosing the right bomber jacket for you so it can add an interesting layer and give you more permutations and combinations of your outfits.