6 Essential Tips to Choosing the Right Senior Living Facility

Assisted living facilities offer a safe, secure, and warm home for seniors. Modern assisted living homes not only ensure round the clock care and medical attention, but they also strive to ensure their residents enjoy a full social life. Reputed senior living facilities now incorporate year-round events and outdoor activities in the residents’ social calendar, private apartments, and friendly staff. But not all senior homes are created equal. How do you then choose the right assisted living facility for you or your loved ones? Let’s take a look at six tips to ensure you choose the right long-term senior living facility. 

Enough Amenities

You don’t want to pick a place that is so quiet and slow-paced that it moves active seniors to tears. Choose a place that has a vibrant vibe and offers a rich choice of amenities. For example, reputed senior living St Louis County facilities offer a vast number of amenities such as cafes for coffee dates and hangouts, game rooms, meals prepared by award-winning chefs, fitness clubs, luxury personal care, and in-house car drivers. These types of services offer stress-free convenience to residents and help them spend their lives in a relaxed and enthusiastic manner.  

Right Location

Opt for an assisted living facility that is not too remote or hard to get to. You shouldn’t have to spend most of your time driving or commuting to the senior home, leaving you little time to actually spend with your loved ones. Also ensure that the home has plenty of things to do in surrounding areas, so seniors don’t feel bored or lonely.

Responsive Care

When you look for an assisted living home, check to see if their staff is friendly and responsive. Also make sure they have trained staff for all medical needs. The care team should have a plan in place to make sure residents take their medication and food on time and get to do their personal care activities without feeling stressed out or tired. Make sure the facility also has the right equipment on board.

Clean Dwellings

Make sure the place you choose has a culture of cleanliness and high standards of hygiene. This extends both to the state of the apartments themselves and the common areas, as well as the hygiene standards of the staff. Finally, the staff should be invested in ensuring dependent residents get help in maintaining their hygiene.

Secure Surroundings

Check if the facility has security measures in place. This should include safety rules and equipment such as gates and also accessibility measures such as handrails, ramps, elevators, and non-slip flooring. Secure gates can not only keep the outside world at bay, but also help if seniors suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s that can lead to wandering.

Cohesive Community

The culture of the community can have a direct impact on the sense of wellbeing of residents. Make sure the home you choose encourages friendliness and peace and shuts down unnecessary quarreling and bullying.

Be discerning when you choose your senior living facility. Remember the above tips when you make your decision.