6 Best Payment Gateway for Small Business

Small businesses are firms with fewer employees and low annual revenue, a maximum of $40 million. As compared to the other firms in the industry. These businesses require payment gateways that do not cost your business a fortune. It can be trusted with your customer’s confidential data. 

So what really are payment gateways? It is a mechanism that reads, translates, and transfers funds from the customer’s bank account to your bank account. It plays a very important part in your 

business by accepting payments online from banks. 

Not only does the payment gateway accept online payments from banks. But it also accepts payments from online wallets and any other online transaction method which is legal.

Best Payment Gateways From Us: 

Here we provide you with the best payment gateways.

#1) Paypal

It accepts payments from different currencies around the globe, which can help your small business expand globally. Moreover, it allows you to have a safe and reliable system for doing transactions. It has low transaction costs and even provides you with protection against fraud. 

It includes the feature of customizable checkout, providing your customers with a unique experience. Also, has a language option allowing your business to conduct transactions around the globe.

Additionally, it has a system of transaction reporting and recurring payments hence, being one of the best payment service options.

#2) Amazon Pay

It is a payment gateway service provided by Amazon providing advanced fraud protection features and connecting your business with numerous other websites globally. It works with Alexa, virtual assistant technology, and provides easy access for Amazon users for payment. 

Your customers just have to make an account and log in to their Amazon account and pay for the purchase they do from your website without submitting their payment details.

#3) Apple Pay

It is a service specifically for Apple users providing them the best service to pay through their Apple devices like iPhone. 

Only requires a password or facial recognition, as available in their latest phone, to complete the payment for your customers. 

Easily added to your website and access to your customers. Easy, safe, trusted, and quick payment of service as it provides your customer with shipping, contact details, etc., already inputted into their accounts. 

#4) Clover 

It is a cloud-based POS system that allows your customer to complete their payments using their mobile phone. Wireless processing with virtual terminals. 

It provides the service of analytics and reporting, being the perfect partner for your business. If you want to convert sales having a web design agency in UK is essential. But it is also mandatory that your payment gateway is seamless and secure. In addition, it integrates merchant accounts for you and manages your business relationship with its customers. 

Even with all these features, the service is inexpensive hence playing the role of the partner in your business. 

#5) Braintree

It is a gateway of payments owned by Paypal and is the most suitable gateway for your business as it accepts payments of different types. It can easily be customized as per your business need and accessibilities. 

With free monthly cost, it allows your customers to via Paypal and Venmo along with simple payments from debit and credit cards. It has a simple checkout page which allows your customers to avoid hassle and confusion at the time of payment. 

Additionally, Braintree allows you to use your own retailer account or the account of anyone else. 

#6) Square

It is a low-cost payment solution with no monthly fee and a flat rate pricing structure. Includes a POS and free-of-charge invoice system, which can help your business. 

It also has a feature of a mobile device card reader for which there are no additional charges. In addition to this, it provides retail and restaurant-specific software solutions for your business problems. 

Its API integration technology allows two or more applications to link up and allow those systems to exchange data without causing much hustle for your business or customers. 

Now that you know about one of the best gateways available to be used by your small business like logo design UK, it’s time to choose the most suitable one which can help you conduct your payment transactions smoothly around the globe. 

These expensive services can even act as your partner in your business to make it profitable and take it to new heights. 


Hopefully, these gateways can be of great use to your professional purposes!