5 Things to know about Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Biohazardous waste disposal in Orlando Florida offers variable service frequencies so that we can provide you with service that is adapted to meet the requirements that are unique to your business. Supplies, such as biohazard containers and red bags, are always provided free of charge for each pickup, and our professionals in the disposal of biohazards will work in collaboration with your facility to make sure that trash is stored securely and packaged appropriately for safe transit.


Since we now have a solution, healthcare practices are increasingly being asked to dispose of confidential documents and data in a way that is both safe and secure. We are able to provide HIPAA-compliant and environmentally friendly destruction of paper records and computer hard drives, and this service can be provided either as a one-time purge or as a recurrent, scheduled service. Additionally, we are able to provide this service either as a one-time purge or as a recurrent, scheduled service.

HIPPA Certificate

Employees who have the potential to come into contact with infectious materials of any kind should receive the very best training that is made available to them. Having access to bloodborne pathogens certification that is in compliance with OSHA standards should be one of these requirements. Our compliance training program is easy to administer and can be accessed at any time of the day or night because it is hosted online.

Pharmaceutical Disposal

After the body of a deceased patient is returned to medical practice, the practice frequently finds itself in possession of unused or expired prescribed medication. MedPro provides an option for the disposal of medications that is friendly to the environment, which can be used for the disposal of both over-the-counter medications and medications that are DEA-regulated or controlled. In contrast to this, the common practice of flushing medications down the toilet, which causes them to end up in the nearest water stream, is something that should be avoided at all costs.

Cleanup of Potentially Infectious Waste

Facilities that handle infectious materials must engage a clinical waste disposal service provider who can ensure the proper disposal of waste, along with readily available tracking documents as evidence of compliance. This requirement applies to facilities that either generate or handle waste materials containing infectious materials. The provision of this, in addition to guidelines for the management of waste, is made by biohazard waste disposal in Orlando Florida for the purpose of ensuring the well-being of your workforce.


We are privately owned and operated, which differentiates us from other haulers, many of whom are motivated by the desire to maximize profits in order to appease shareholders. This sets us apart from other haulers. We place the utmost importance on the fulfilment of the requirements of the client, and we credit the fact that we work hard to foster and sustain positive, long-term relationships with them as the primary driver of our success.