4 Savory Italian Dishes to Try Today

Italian cuisine is famous throughout the world for the savory items it offers. Millions of non-Ilatians love and enjoy eating Italian food. Some even claim that they can live on this cuisine only for the rest of their lives. 

Every friend group has a pasta lover that has head over heels fallen for this Italian delight. But is pasta all that Italian cuisine has to offer? There are various innovative Italian dishes that will leave you wanting more. Let’s dive into the list of four famous Italian dishes that are matchless in terms of their exquisite flavor. Here’s the list:

Italian Style Pizza

Every cultruire has modified the original Italian pizza to its own taste by fusing it with cultural touches. In Asia, people prefer spicy food, and hence many eatery chains add special flavors that have higher spices in their pizza.

If you want to taste authentic Italian pizza, you can not miss out on the Pizzeria because they offer a variety of pizzas with an authentic taste that is matchless in their taste. There are various flavors to choose from that will add to your dine-in experience. You will want to visit this place with your friends to enjoy a wonderful evening with authentic cultural taste. 

White Sauce Pasta

The white sauce pasta has an original taste and is liked by many throughout the world. Millions of people tend to have pasta as their favorite meal as it has a unique flavor that never disappoints. Sometimes, the white sauce is all you need to send your depression away.

The white sauce used in the making of this pasta has milk, butter, black pepper, ginger, and garlic paste in it which enhances the flavor. Some people prefer using fresh cream in the making of this pasta. The final dish is garnished with cheese, either cheddar or mozzarella, which will add to the flavor of your pasta. 

Special Red Sauce Pasta

There is another variation of pasta that is the epitome of a savory dish and is found in almost all restaurants that offer Italian cuisine. Red sauce pasta entails sauce made of fresh tomatoes with garlic and ginger paste in it. Green chili also adds to the taste of the red sauce present in this pasta. 

If you are making this pasta at home, you can also mix two sauces, white and red, together to come up with a delicious pink sauce. This sauce lifts up the taste of your pasta and gives an exotic appeal to your pasta.

Bruschetta is a Must Try

Bruschetta is a dish that has a slice of bread toasted and topped with tomato sauce, mashed potato or chicken, and other spices. There are usually served with pasta, soups, and many other main courses. 

There are many people that prefer having their main course with bruschetta. You can customize the topping of your bruschetta in accordance with your taste. You can top it with minced chicken or beef to add to its nutritional value.