How To Make Your Heartbroken Friend Feel Better?

Did your best friend just face heartbreak? It must be killing you to see your friend in a miserable condition. They might be crying on and off and wanting to get back with their ex. However, being a responsible friend, you have to be there for them and make them feel valued and loved again. 

Heartbreaks can make a person sick. You have been in such a wonderful relationship one day, and everything is gone the next day. While there isn’t much you can do to make the pain go away, here are some things that you can do to make the whole wallowing process a lot easier for them. So let’s read!

  1. Be There For Your Friend

When a person is going through a heartbreak, they might want to share their feelings with someone they trust. Make yourself available to your friend. 

Remember that this is a very hard time for your friend and it is a test of your friendship. If you truly care about your friend, drop everything off of your list and be there for your friend. 

Sometimes people just need a shoulder to cry on. Make sure that your friend has your shoulder to cry on. 

  1. Arrange A Care Package For Them

At this time, your friend might be feeling unloved. They might be thinking that they have no one in their life who cares about them or loves them the way their ex used to. Make sure that you help your friend get out of this bubble. 

Arrange a care package for your friend. Your friend might want to munch on comfort food. You can order chocolates online in Sydney and provide your friend with something they can feel better about things in life. 

After all, chocolates are said to boost the mood and decrease the levels of sad hormones in our body. 

  1. Take Them Out For Fresh Air

After a heartbreak, your friend might be avoiding going out in public. They might want to drench in their loneliness with windows shut tight and curtains drawn close. This can make them feel more lonely and emotional. 

Your friend needs exposure to the sun and daylight to bring back their hope to life. Drag your friend out of their room, if you have to, and take them for a breath of fresh air. 

You can go to a local park for a change of view, or you can go shopping with your friend to make them feel better and end the day with something good to eat. 

  1. Remind Them Of How Great They Are

Your friend might be feeling very bad about themselves. They might be blaming themselves for not being able to get serious in a relationship. No matter what caused the breakup, it is never the fault of one person. Breakups occur when both are at fault. 

So let not your friend dwell on unnecessary feelings. Remind them of how great they are and how they will find a better person in the future. 

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