Writing quality texts: 4 benefits for your online business

Do you often search Google to find answers to your questions? Your customers and prospects too. Whether you are an e-commerce, a blogger or simply the owner of a website that sells your services, content creation can have a very positive impact on your business. Indeed, it allows you to be more visible on the web and therefore to attract more visitors. Content marketing and natural referencing (SEO) are two activities closely related to digital marketing. Be it blog posts, newsletters, your fixed pages or white papers, writing qualitative texts is essential, both for Internet users and for search engines. Discover the 4 benefits for your online business of creating quality content regularly.

1 – Create quality content to improve its positioning in search results

You can have the prettiest website in the world, but with over 1 billion sites online, without optimization you will remain invisible on the web. According to some recent figures from the Abondance site, more than 28.5% of users click on the first search result offered, 15.7% on the second, 11% on the third, etc. Hence the importance of being placed in the first suggestions. To achieve this, many criteria are taken into account by search engines, including Google. With more than 90% of French people using it, it is he who reigns supreme in our metropolis, but also throughout the world.
The reason is simple, it offers very relevant answers to Internet users and that is why your content must live up to its requirements. Indeed, its various algorithms and very advanced updates scan the pages of the Web in order to analyze if they are sufficiently qualitative before indexing and positioning them. SEO therefore plays a very important role in the ranking of your pages in the SERP (search results page).
To be well positioned, your texts must be:

  • structured;
  • genuine;
  • qualities;
  • enriched with keywords and a well-worked semantic field;
  • include internal and external links (backlinks).

Ghostwriting agency must also be diversified, related to your activity and updated regularly. And yes, Google also appreciates the “freshness” of your content. However, be careful not to over-optimize your articles, which is penalizing in the eyes of search engines, but also very unpleasant for the user.

97.8% of French Internet users (16 to 64 years old) use search engines to obtain information on a brand.

Source: Digital Report wear social x Hootsuite, 2021

2 – Write qualitative texts to gain visibility and notoriety

A good editorial strategy will be relevant for search engines, but also for your readers. Each content of your website is a way to bring visibility to your business. Imagine that each of your pages is visited 10 times per month, if you have 200 pages, then your traffic will be 2,000 visits per month. The more fluid, useful and interesting an article is, the more visitors will want to share it on their social networks or with their loved ones. An opportunity that will bring you more traffic in a very short time, and at the same time will make you known. Qualitative content with high added value will also allow you to net link and obtain backlinks. Also called incoming link, this hypertext link from an external website, pointing to one of your contents, is one of the pillars of natural referencing. Indeed, pages that have a high number of good quality backlinks tend to have better positioning in the SERP. Beyond natural referencing, these popularity indicators will bring you knew visitors. You will then be seen as an expert in your field with Google and Internet users.

28% of consumers do not hesitate to share content they find interesting with more than 100 colleagues.

Source: SEMrush Blog

3 – Distribute personalized articles to attract more prospects

With more than 74 million articles published monthly, just for the WordPress CMS, it has become essential to stand out from the competition. It is for this reason that your content must be tailored to the research and interests of your target. You have to answer a problem that concerns her. According to Kaposi blog, offering targeted content brings 7.8% more traffic. By multiplying these personalized informative writings related to your activity, you also multiply the visits of potential customers. For this, a blog is very effective, if you do not already have one, I strongly advise you to think about creating it. In fact, according to Demand Metric, 70% of Internet users prefer to learn about your business through articles rather than through advertising. This is why your texts must be instructive, convey your passion and arouse emotion. At the same time, a good newsletter written in the rules of the art announcing your novelties or promotions, allows you not only to generate more traffic, but also to retain your audience.

78% of consumers say personally relevant branded content increases their purchase intent.

Source: One Spot and Marketing Insider Group research.

4 – Use content marketing to increase your conversion rate at a lower cost over the long term

Content creation makes it easier to communicate with your potential customers. It is by establishing a relationship of trust through valuable information that you encourage them to choose your products or services. You offer a tailored experience that meets a need, which increases your conversion rate. Moreover, this marketing practice is not recent contrary to what one might imagine.

  • In 1900: the Michelin brothers publish their famous guide with the aim of providing multiple tips to the French on changing tires, good restaurants, nearby service stations, etc. The purpose of this manual was to promote its tires through numerous useful tips for motorists;
  • In 1985, John Deere, founder of Deere and Company, specializing in the production of agricultural equipment, published his own customer magazine “The furrow” aimed at stimulating demand for tractors through his know-how and knowledge.

A winning initiative since today, these two companies are worth several billion dollars and their works are still distributed. Unlike advertising campaigns, which have a high cost for a short-lived action, a content strategy produces positive effects that last. Especially since according to the Informa blog, more than 70% of Internet users ignore sponsored ads in search results.

Compared to traditional marketing programs, content marketing costs 62% less and generates three times more leads.

Source: Demand Metric
Not convinced yet? Here are some more figures that show the benefits of this digital strategy:

  • 96% of top-performing marketers agree that content marketing has helped make their communication credible and build trust with their audience (CMI study);
  • 84% of people expect brands to produce content that is entertaining and that brings them concrete solutions (Havas Group study);
  • 47% of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging (Demand Gen Report).

As you will have understood, creating good content published regularly has many advantages. However, this strategy requires time, knowledge and thought. This is why using a web editor will allow you to obtain better results and save considerable time. An indispensable collaborator for the writing of unique texts in the image of your company.