Why You Should Make It Compulsory To Visit Egypt

The fact that Egypt is a historically rich country is quite apparent, and many travellers always strive to fulfil their childhood archaeology fantasies when they visit.

When it comes to Egypt’s exciting culture and history, there’s much to explore, and the landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings will all give you a sneak peek into it.

The ancient structures show just how well ancient Egypt art and architecture are preserved, so keep in mind that there’s much to experience for those that enjoy archaeology and history. Egypt also boasts ancient temples, tombs, and museums that anybody can explore, revealing information and secrets of the country’s rich past.

2023 is a unique year because the Grand Egyptian Museum is opening, and everybody is allowed to visit. Once opened, the museum will likely be ranked among the best in the world; it holds over 100,000 artefacts and unique exhibits, which include King Tut’s treasure collection.

Embark on an Affordable Adventure

Unlike other destinations with numerous things and places to explore, Egypt is highly affordable, from its accommodation, food, and activities. Its prices are quite competitive compared to other tourist destinations, which makes it a top priority for travellers that seek budget-friendly adventures in 2023.

Besides the reasonable prices, the tourism industry in Egypt is well-developed, so it provides visitors with multiple services and options to choose from, depending on what falls within their budget and matches their taste.

This means anybody can have a great time without having to break the bank. Furthermore, visitors are assured of getting more value for their money since the country’s exchange rate is favourable, which is another massive boost for budget-conscious tourists.

Exchange rates have been fluctuating in recent times and the locals are having a hard time, so it would be kind to be considerate and tip generously whenever possible.

Try Egypt’s Delicious Cuisine

Egypt also has an impressive culinary tradition with a whole variety of foods and drinks to be enjoyed. From spicy stews and grilled meats to fresh juices and sweet pastries, you can be sure that there’s something for everyone.

For people that may not fancy traditional cuisine, Egypt has international restaurants and cafes that also offer a variety of cuisines from all over the globe. Even vegans will find that there’s much to enjoy in Egypt. In Egypt, there is a fantastic opportunity to explore take a look at “Egypt Explorer“.

Sample the Vibrant Arts and Music Scene

Egypt has one of the best art and music scenes, offering a variety of both contemporary and traditional performances to experience. Visitors can choose to enjoy traditional music and dance or opt for modern art exhibitions and music performances.

On top of the aforementioned cultural events, Egypt has countless galleries and museums that also showcase their rich artistic heritage and contemporary creativity by both local and international performers. The Museum of Islamic Art and Khan el Khalili market are a definite must-see for creatives.

Have Fun in the Warm and Sunny Climate

Outdoor lovers and beach enthusiasts will love Egypt even more due to its warm and sunny climate. The Mediterranean and the Red Sea costs offer beautiful beaches with clean water where people can swim, snorkel, and participate in water sports.

Besides the beaches, the country experiences a warm climate that makes it an excellent place for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and desert safaris. You can even take part in a Nile cruise in Egypt if you like river cruises.

Egypt is the Ideal Base for Regional Exploration

Egypt is located at the crossroads of two attractive regions – the Middle East and Africa – which makes it the ideal base for regional exploration.