Why Study MBBS in China? –With Requirement

MBBS in China

You wish to study MBBS in China. Or, you choose to pursue your studies in China. You should first know some facts about this country. So, let’s start with knowing about the country and then why study MBBS in China with some requirements you need to qualify for study MBBS in China. 

About Country – China

China, a nation in East Asia, is becoming more well-known in the field of medical education. With 14 neighboring nations along its 22,800 kilometers of land borders, China is bordered to the east by Korea, the north by the People’s Republic of Mongolia, the northeast by Russia, the northwest by Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan, the west by India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bhutan, and the southwest by Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

Outstanding Medical Education

Chinese medical students are exposed to outstanding medical education, teaching, and hands-on experience thanks to the nation’s extremely high academic standards. This site provides comprehensive information on MBBS in China, including information on top medical schools, costs, scholarships, requirements, and more.

Requirement for Overseas Students to Study MBBS in China

  • Degree Equivalent – MD (Doctor of Medicine)
  • Eligibility Criteria – Bachelor’s degree in Biology Sciences with a minimum of 60%
  • Entrance Tests Required Like MCAT, IELTS, TOEFL  – Not Required
  • NEET – Mandatory with minimum marks
  • Course Duration – 3-4 Years
  • Medium of Teaching – English
  • Recognition – WHO and MCI/DCI
  • Duration of Residency – 5+1 Years

About MBBS in China

Chinese universities additionally offer programs like UGME, B.Sc. Medicine, B.MSc. (Bachelor of Medical Science), etc. for the bachelor’s level. MBBS is given as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in China. In China, the MBBS degree takes three to four years to complete. There are also medical schools in dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and other fields. If you are considering practicing medicine in China as an international medical student (IMS) or international medical graduate (IMG), you must be evaluated by the Medical Council of China (MCC). Graduate physicians who have earned their medical degrees from one of the universities listed in the MCC database are awarded a Licentiate of the Medical Council of China (LMCC).

The highlights of the medical courses that are frequently cited as being equal to MBBS in China for Indian students are provided here for all those preparing to pursue UGME, B.Sc., or MBBS in China:

  • Competition is comparatively high
  • The medium of instruction in English
  • World recognized degree
  • A bachelor’s degree is mandatory
  • Highly skilled teachers
  • Well developed infrastructure


Do you want to know how long MBBS takes in China? In China, an MBBS program lasts 5 and 1 year for partice.

Applying for MBBS in China: Arrivals 2023

Applicants must submit their applications via the university website, or if your preferred university is located in Ontario, you may also do so through the Ontario Medical School Application Service. The admissions process for MBBS in China 2023 typically runs from September to November. For this year, Chinese universities have a September to November 2023 deadline for MBBS applications.


The entry requirements for them are listed below because you are now aware that China offers degrees that are similar to, but not the same as, the MBBS. Here are the prerequisites for the MBBS program in China:

Candidates for an undergraduate degree must hold a bachelor’s degree in biology or science with the minimum needed marks.

There is no requirement for a high score on English language proficiency exams like the TOEFL or IELTS. If you want to enroll in an undergraduate program, you must have at least 6.5 IELTS bands and an 80 TOEFL score. And you need a 7 in IELTS and a 90 in * if you’re seeking a master’s degree.

Medical College Admission Test is not required (MCAT).

  • To enroll in medical programs or the MBBS program in China, Indian candidates must pass the NEET test.
  • In addition, certain universities can need applicants to pass the basic entrance examination.
  • Candidates should also research the prerequisites for the China Student Visa for Indian Students and the medical examination.
  • Note: You would require a 10+2 degree with a decent grade and a one-year CEGEP diploma study in order to enroll in UG Medical programs in cities like Beijing.
  • The results are only meant to be illustrative; they may vary from university to university.


Finally, it is clear that studying MBBS in China is a wise decision for international students. Since 2007, Jagvimal Consultants has been striving to assist international students in obtaining admission to the MBBS program in China. We at Jagvimal Consultants, the overseas education consultants aspire for your bright future. So stop stressing and put your trust in us; we’ll help you enroll in MBBS in China and help you realize your dreams.