Why 6streams is much used: The benefits of using a content marketing platform

6streams Content marketing has been proven to be one of the best ways to achieve more leads, conversions and revenue while nurturing your customer relationship in the process. Creating an engaging content campaign to attract new customers, however, can be tricky if you don’t know where to begin or how to optimize your campaign for better performance. That’s where 6streams comes in. 6streams is an all-in-one content marketing platform that helps companies build and manage their marketing campaigns from start to finish and you can use it free for 30 days! That’s why I decided to try out 6streams. This tool gives you access to millions of video clips from YouTube or Vimeo as well as other types of media such as quotes, lyrics or memes. 6streams gives you the power to create and publish engaging content that helps you attract more prospects, convert your leads, and close more customers.


If you are looking for new ways to effectively market your company and expand your reach, then it might be time to consider implementing a unique form of digital marketing. One that focuses on creating high quality content that people love to read.

Here’s why 6streams is much used in what has been dubbed Content Marketing 2.0 by experts like Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. If you are looking for new ways to effectively market your company and expand your reach, then it might be time to consider implementing a unique form of digital marketing. One that focuses on creating high quality content that people love to read. It’s called content marketing or inbound marketing, but we call it the future of advertising.

 It seems as though everywhere I turn these days there’s an expert talking about how important content is today in building brands and engaging with customers online.

What is a Content Marketing Platform?

A content marketing platform is an online solution that brands and agencies can use to easily plan, create, publish, measure and share their digital assets with customers. When you consider all of your digital assets (such as videos, photos, blogs etc.) that are available for your team to manage and share with prospects and customers  it’s clear why it’s challenging to organize and leverage all these different elements.

That’s where a content marketing platform comes in. It provides one place where users can find all their brand’s valuable digital assets, access them quickly and seamlessly edit them before sharing them across social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, or via email campaigns and landing pages.

Why do we use such services?

As a regular user, you have many reasons to use such services as 6streams. Some are obvious and some not. In any case, we decided to put together an overview of all the features that make these services so popular with business owners and managers. The first and most important reason for choosing a service like sixeams is saving time.

This can be divided into two parts – time spent on planning your strategy and time spent on creating content. With sixeams you can save both of them! You don’t need to spend hours planning your strategy or scheduling posts anymore, just create an account on our service and start writing! Even better – if you want your company’s website to be more active in social media, but do not have enough resources for it – try our service! We will help you write everything according to your preferences – from simple posts about current news (or even press releases) up to unique articles about industry-specific topics.

6Streams as compared to others

You see, other CMS offer you only one way to share on social media and there are so many different ways to go about it. For example, if you want to share a product page on facebook or twitter, WordPress will have you duplicate your content multiple times.

And it’s not just Facebook and Twitter. Other platforms don’t allow for cross-posting at all. This results in users having to share their content over and over again – wasting time and money in unnecessary duplication. That’s why 6streams was created – we wanted to give our users flexibility when sharing their content on social media channels. With our platform, you can choose from 14 different options when sharing on Facebook alone!

My opinion about this service

I’ve been doing content writing for a while now, and it’s one of my favourite tasks. It doesn’t take too long to do, but it takes time to find inspiration and write something unique. I use many tools to help me with that including Pinterest, Google Images and Reddit.

There are thousands of images there already, but if you want your work to be noticed you need something different – so I took it upon myself to find some new tools that could actually make my job easier. My first discovery was Pixabay which has a great library of stock photos and illustrations. However, it wasn’t enough because I also needed videos, quotes, infographics etc., which weren’t available on Pixabay.

So now instead of searching through all these websites individually I just have to go on 6streams and search for whatever media I’m looking for in seconds! And they’re all high quality too! Another thing that impressed me about 6streams was how easy it is to use their website; they have great tutorials which teach you everything step by step.