Which are the best-streaming networks that you need to know

Our team of experts takes a look at which of the leading live-streaming platforms we can choose from.

We are all accustomed to the convenience of watching our favourite TV shows and films at our own pace. But as our needs have changed, we have become savvier when it comes to how we use streaming apps and services. With more consumers keeping up with their favourite shows on an ever-growing number of platforms, picking the best streaming app is a huge decision.

Finding the best one for you means trawling through various platforms and services and assessing how they can help you do the best job of watching your favourite shows and films. And this is just what our team of experts did. Using the latest stats and advice from industry experts, they have put together a list of the best platforms to help you stream your favourite shows – or better yet, help you make the switch to streaming.

Difference between 6streams and Markkystreams

First, it’s worth noting that both the 6streams and Markkystreams services are more or less the same – they are both free-to-use platforms that allow you to stream anything you can get your hands on to mobile devices and PCs. But there are several differences between these two platforms that we would like to highlight.

For starters, 6streams is officially the one that launched in China way back in 2008. And the main way in which it differ from its much-adored sister service, Markkystreams, is in the way it actually looks and operates. Markkystreams is the bigger platform and is aimed at everyone – including China’s younger generation. Youku is the Chinese version of the larger Youku platform.

Sixstreams is smaller than Markkystreams, has an interface much closer to that of YouTube and other social media apps, and comes with the advantage of letting you watch almost anything yous can find online. That means everything from popular YouTube content to complete TV series – basically anything you want to watch. For people who have trouble switching between multiple platforms, the decision between 6streams and Markkystreams can be a tricky one. But for those who are looking for the easiest, most convenient, and most compatible way to watch live TV, the decision is easy.
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