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When Should I Replace the Windows in My House

Do you remember the last time you inspected the state of your house windows? If you can’t remember, now is the right time to check your windows. Before winter arrives, you need to ensure that your home’s insulation is in good condition. 

It is advisable to have routine inspections on your windows and also doors. This is to ensure their functionality is well-maintained and top-notch.  

The truth is it’s not cheap to replace your windows. But the value it adds to your property can be unimaginable if you intend to sell it in the coming years.  

Moreover, installing newer and more energy-efficient windows is essential as it will help you save more on energy costs. 

Besides making your home more comfortable and habitable, you can sell your house at a great value. With good workmanship and material, your windows can last up to 15 to 20 years. 

However, several circumstances can make this period shorter. You will start noticing a few signals indicating that your home window replacement is due.  

So here are some of the signs you need to look out for to determine if you need to replace the windows in your house: 

The Signs of Window Damage Are Visible

Often, you will notice some telltale signs of damage on your window. It is one of the most evident signs that the time is up and your window needs fixing. 

And if the windows are more than a few decades old, then the best option is to replace them. You will notice apparent signs on your windows, like cracks and difficulty when shutting and opening. 

Keeping up with damaged windows is more expensive than you can think. It leaves your house vulnerable to more significant problems. For instance, your home may experience issues like: 

  • Mold and mildew growth.
  • Water seepage.
  • Pests intruding on your home, etc. 

Also, having damaged windows leaves you vulnerable to burglars accessing your house. A replacement window is significant when you want to avoid such issues. It will not only keep your family safe, but it will also help you save on utility bills as well. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the harsh UV rays or your rugs fading because of the window. 

Moreover, home window replacement helps keep your family safe and prevent more costly future repairs. You should prioritize fixing it, as the risk of damage will increase with how long the cracks last. Besides, replacing damaged windows improves your house’s aesthetics. 

Your Windows Are Drafty

You know it’s time to replace your windows when you start experiencing drafts. Drafts pose several issues to your homes. 

The first instance is the expense you’re covering to have cool air inside your house while it keeps escaping. And what this means is that the warm, muggy air outside is seeping inside your home.

Naturally, when this happens, the room with drafty windows will feel less cozy in your home. Besides, it will feel more humid than the rest of the house. 

Moreover, drafty windows translate more work to your HVAC system. It will need to work harder to ensure it maintains your preferred temperature in your home since outside air keeps seeping in. 

But how do you know if your window has a draft? It’s simple, close the window and firmly lock it, then place your hand at the top or bottom of the window sash where it meets the frame to feel for drafts. If you feel some air leaks, your window has a draft. This is an indication that your current windows are now due for a replacement.

Signs of Condensations on Your Windows Interiors

Another clear sign that your windows replacement is due is when you start experiencing fog on its interior. 

It should be a cause for alarm when it’s inside your house. As it indicates that your windows are leaking air making your house humid.

However, condensation on the outside is normal. There is no need to panic. Exterior condensation means the air is warmer and more humid than the indoor air.  

Moreover, you can also notice condensation inside your double or triple-pane windows. Double or triple-glazed windows have insulated gas. So when condensation occurs, it means that the gas is leaking out.  

Therefore, it’s essential to consider replacing the window frame when this happens. Besides, it’s essential to replace windows in case of foggy issues to prevent health-hazard situations. 

A good example is that molds, moisture, and mildew thrive in these conditions and can cause structural property damage besides exacerbating pre-existing health issues.   

You’re replacing your double-glazed window because it won’t insulate the house properly once it allows moisture inside the panes. 

The only place that you need to see condensation is on your windows’ exteriors. You need to look for home windows replacement if it appears between the panes or inside. 

Window Replacement Is Due If it’s Hard to Open

Monitor your experience when you’re closing or opening your window. If it suddenly becomes challenging, this is a great time to replace your windows. 

So how and why does a window become difficult to open? Simple! When you’re constantly opening and closing your window, it will form some tiny holes and grooves. This will make your window protrude hence rendering the window as good as useless. 

Be keen when you’re opening and shutting your windows. Once you notice any resistance and have to apply more effort when opening, then you should have the window replaced. 

A Sudden Hike on Electricity Bills – That You Cannot Account For

The truth is, it’s not easy to attribute windows to a sudden increase in your electric bills. This is because so many other factors can contribute to raising your power bills. However, you must inspect your windows if you notice a gradual rise in your electric bill. 

As mentioned earlier, drafts inside your home make your HVAC system work extra hard because it will need to eliminate the heated or cold air and maintain your house’s preferred temperature. 

So besides increasing your electric bills, it may also shorten the lifespan of your HVAC due to increased workload. 

But when you replace the old windows, then it will reduce your monthly electricity bills. Moreover, it will also ensure your air conditioner doesn’t work harder to prolong its lifespan. So you need to keep checking your windows for replacement if you don’t want to pay high utility bills. 

Final Thoughts

Different homeowners have different reasons why they need a window replacement. However, this article has highlighted some reasons you should consider replacing yours. 

Window replacement has numerous benefits to your home besides adding value. It can help you cut down on energy use,  minimize potential health hazards, and lessen your carbon footprint with reduced energy bills. 

Renewal by Andersen may offer valuable solutions when it comes to your windows. Besides, you can enjoy maintenance-free windows when you work with a reputable firm.