What’s Holding Back the Leather Jacket Fashion Industry?

In winter people wear clothes which are warm, cozy and stylish in design. These clothes block cool air and keep their body warm. Many different brands are offering various varieties of such cozy and warm clothes. One of the most demanding winter wardrobes is jackets. You can easily wear these warm and stylish jackets on any clothes. These jackets make your personality classy and cool. When it comes to a stylish and warm jacket, leather jackets are people’s top priority. It’s been a century since leather jackets were introduced. Now this leather jacket is climbing the rank and making its way into the fashionista’s heart.

It has become a trend of wearing leather jackets in winter. People used to wear leather jackets on different occasions. Also, you can wear these jackets casually. You can wear leather jackets anywhere and anytime. Meanwhile, these leather jackets are the classiest and most stylish clothing in the wardrobe industry. Leather jackets never go out of style. Many jacket manufacturers are providing many different varieties of  Mens leather jackets. However, these varieties are countless. But there are three most demanding types of leather jackets nowadays among both men and women bomber leather jackets, Biker leather jackets, and racer leather jackets.

Evolution of Leather jackets.

Leather jackets gained popularity in the early 1900s during the First World War. These jackets were for the purpose of military wear. German fighter pilots wear these leather jackets which were brown. Then later in World War II, this jacket got its name and which was the bomber jacket. However, these bomber jackets are best for their fighter pilots as they are warm and cozy. Fighter pilots had to experience extreme cold at high altitudes. Nobody has any idea that this leather military uniform would become a trend among people.

Then in 1928, Irvin Schott introduced a stylish leather jacket in the fashion industry. This was a fashionable garment that was similar to the modern biker jacket. He named his leather jacket after his favorite cigar company called the perfecto. Speaking of its name, the leather jacket was also perfect. Schott opted for a daring zipper closure which increases the beauty of perfecto. The first perfect jacket was sold for 5.50$. Even today, this jacket is still trendy and highly coveted by fashionistas. This perfecto inspires modern street-style leather jackets.

In the era of 1950-60, these leather jackets went high in demand and many actors wear this stylish bomber and biker jackets in their movies. From that time being, this jacket became more and more popular every day. Marlon Brando was the first actor who styled this leather jacket in his movie the wild one. He played the role of a sexy gang member and this jacket helps a lot in making his role look more attractive.

After that Hollywood uses these leather jackets, especially for the bad boy persona in many movies. And then this trend started expanding and many rock stars like Steve McQueen and the beetles quickly adopted this trendy fashion. Due to this, the demand for leather jackets increases constantly day by day. And still in this era these jackets are also very much popular among movie stars. Like, once Tom Cruise wore leather jackets and they became too much popular among people even though that jacket was known as the Tom Cruise jacket.

As these jackets were only famous among men but looking at the increase in demand for these jackets day by day, women also adopted these trendy jackets in the era of 1970-80. Then this jacket was also worn by many lady bands such as Duran, The Ramones, and many brands. Thus a style that was first adopted by men became a hit with the ladies as well.

But nowadays many people are afraid of buying original leather jackets due to some reasons. Some of the reasons are:

High in cost:

Original leather jackets contain unique and costly materials. Thus due to rising inflation, many manufacturers sell these leather jackets at high rates to fulfill their expenses and to earn some profit. A middle-class person who earns just a little amount in salary will think a thousand times while buying this jacket. This jacket can cost half of his salary so one of the biggest reasons among people is this. But it is not necessary to wear an original leather jacket. Many manufacturers provide jackets that contain leather and other materials like rexine leather. You can get these jackets at affordable prices as compared to pure leather jackets.

Made with animal fat.

As we already know how ancient people made these jackets with animal fats. There is no need to be afraid of wearing leather jackets made with animal fats. They purify and clean animal skins properly with chemicals. It is also scientifically proven that these jackets are best for wearing and have no side effects. Besides, if you still have worries then you should buy alternative leather jackets which are not made with pure leather.