What Is The Difference Between UV DTF Printer And DTF Printer?

UV DTF printers and DTF printers are two of the hotter digital printers on the market today, because their names are too similar, many people will think that they are a kind of machine, but in fact they are not the same type of printer.

 In this article, we will analyze the difference between UV DTF printer and DTF printer in detail, and give advice on choosing the right printer for you.

 The main difference between the two is the concept, print speed, energy consumption, the use of consumables and the direction of the application is different.

Concept of UV DTF printer and DTF printer

UV DTF printer

A UV DTF printer is a digital printing device that uses ultraviolet (UV) curing ink. Its printing principle is that the pattern or text is edited by software and then sprayed onto the printing material by the inkjet head, and then irradiated by UV lamps, which makes the ink curing in an instant, thus completing the printing process.

The above method is directly printed on the finished product.

There is another way that requires the assistance of AB film, where the design is first printed on A film, then using a laminating machine, it is laminated together with the freshly printed A film, then cut, and transferred to all kinds of hard material surfaces with the assistance of AB film.

DTF Printer

The DTF printer is a device that utilizes thermal transfer technology for printing. Using PET film as an aid, the design is printed on PET film, melted and dried with hot melt powder, and then transferred to various types of garments with the help of a heat press.

DTF is the abbreviation of direct to film. UV DTF printers are different from UV printers, which are modified to print crystal labels.

DTF printers utilize PET film as an aid, which is similar to the AB film of UV DTF.

The difference between UV DTF printer and DTF printer

(1) Printing speed

UV DTF printing speed compared to the DTF printer is faster, after all, there are UV lamp cooling curing, faster.

The DTF printer needs to be printed first, and then sprinkle powder, the hot melt powder fully shaken, melted into the oven for drying.

More steps, time-consuming. Of course, after all, the two applications are different.

(2) Printer energy consumption

DTF printer energy consumption is usually higher than the UV DTF printer.

This is because during the printing process, DTF printers need to add a thermal transfer head to melt the ink, while UV DTF printers do not.

Therefore, for mass printing needs, UV DTF printers consume less energy and are more environmentally friendly.

(3) Printer Consumables

UV DTF requires the assistance of UV DTF ink if direct printing is chosen.

If you need to use roll-to-roll printing, you need to use consumables AB film and UV DTF ink.

UV DTF ink is oil-based ink, because you need to print varnish, so the picture has a glossy feel.

DTF printers require consumables such as DTF ink, hot melt powder and PET film, while DTF ink is water-based.

The two use of consumables is not consistent, DTF the main attention of the use of white ink, very easy to precipitate clogging. uv ink is rarely this problem.

(4) Application areas

As UV DTF printing application areas, mainly exhibition display industry, decoration, decoration industry, signage industry, rigid paper packaging industry, leather and textile printing industry.

So UV DTF printing precision is a little higher. And generally suitable for larger storefronts to go to the printing business. Of course, now there are also applicable to personal use of small machines.

For example, UV DTF crystal labeling printer, can be used flexibly, at any time to print crystal labeling, but also at any time to transfer.

Fast speed, transfer to the substrate, such as glass, cell phone cases, metal trophies, crystal signs, acrylic photo frames, etc., have good results.

The application area of DTF printer is mainly most of the textile fabrics in the market except leather.

If the market scope is limited or private side business, you can flexibly use the DTF printer, relatively small investment, fast return on results, high earnings, is currently one of the many people choose to print clothing.

At present, the DTF printer market is still not saturated, the technology is still progressing, has been more and more garment printing manufacturers to choose and put into production.

In summary, the comparison should be able to understand the difference between UV DTF printers and DTF printers more clearly.

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