What Is Material Take-Off In Piping Items?

The piping material take off or the piping MTO is a list of all the piping items needed to purchase to manufacture and construct the design to complete the demand of the project. It’s an important part of the project estimation process. The material take-off sheet contains a list of all the materials needed to complete the project. It is different from the bill of material and bill of quantity also the list doesn’t include any assets, such as equipment, machinery, and tools.

The information included in the material take-off sheet:

Material takeoff services aids in the construction cost estimation process, following are some of the items that are added to the material take-off sheet.

  • Line number
  • Name of the piping items
  • Main size
  • Reducing size
  • Short-code of the items
  • Piping class/spec
  • Material type
  • Thickness
  • Dimensional Standard
  • Item type
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Remark

Apart from these items, mto in piping includes several items.

  • Pipe
  • Fittings
  • Flange
  • Gasket
  • Fasteners
  • Spacer & Blanks
  • Valve
  • Special parts

MTO take-off stages:

There are usually three stages involved in a material take-off.

Preliminary material take-off:

This is prepared at a very early stage in the design process. There is usually not much information available at this stage. It is prepared once the client approves the P & IDs and plot plan. This is done way before any design work starts on the 3d modeling software.

Preliminary estimation aids in two things, cost estimation and bidding on the material. There are also some documents needed for this, P&ID and PMS (Piping Material Specification).

Secondary MTO:

When the progress on the piping design goes ahead, the secondary MTO is prepared. The piping design built on 3d modeling or 2d software can also be included in secondary material take-off. All this needs to be done early to make sure that the procurement of the piping materials could fit the project schedule. This is done with the help of the material control group.

This is prepared with the help of PDMS/PMS/E3D by extracting the isometric from the ISO-draft module. This software provides the actual length of the pipes and the number of elbows used in the piping system. There are two main reasons for secondary MTO;

  •  To update the quantities
  • To update the project cost estimate

Third MTO:

The third and final piping material take-off will figure out the final material quantity. It basically clears the final material cost needed for the project. At this stage, the piping mto checklist is ticked off and this is prepared when the last isometric has been drawn, checked, approved, and issued. Piping material take-off is a list of all items for procurement.

This final mto is needed for updating the purchase order to meet the need of material and to make sure that we don’t exceed spare material. In most projects these three stages exist but any modification can be made at any stage of the project and then you need to update the latest prepared material take-off.

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