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What Is Better Kids Car?

Different types of Wheels in Children’s Electric Cars

In this blog post, we present the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each type of wheel currently mounted on electric cars for children.

Types of wheels for electric cars for children:

  • Plastic wheels, where the mold makes several grooves to get traction from the wheels, without tread, which, let’s say, would be the worst quality and that can equip the cheapest cars and normally 6V.
  • Plastic wheels with pneumatic tread
  • Rubber wheels, also known in English terminology as eva wheels, or foam wheels. They are also sometimes called tubeless pneumatic wheels.
  • Pneumatic wheels with air chamber.
  • Wheels with led lights.

Plastic wheels without tread

Princess Car 6VThis type of wheel is equipped by cars for smaller children, they do not support more than 20 Kgs of weight, and they are made of plastic material with different shapes to get more grip, but they are lightweight, usually hollow.

They are equipped with 6V motors, and are not highly recommended except for rare and intermittent uses. As usual problems are that they can get holes that they have great wear on the entire wheel in a short time depending on the surface on which they walk, that they slip on gravel surfaces or on grass.

In our section of  6V children’s cars  you will find some of the models manufactured by Feder or Injusa that have this type of wheel, which as we have indicated is for children up to 1 year old (with little child weight) and smooth surfaces. No car imported by Newbabywish store has this type of wheels.

Plastic wheels with pneumatic tread

Jeep Wrangler Negro 12VUntil a year ago, most of the electric cars for children were equipped with this type of wheels, because they are cheaper, support up to 40 Kgs of weight and are really designed so that all the out of traction is carried out in the central band that is pneumatics.

They are more compact than the previous ones, and have the advantage that the tread can be changed or replaced when it wears out.

On the other hand, it is not very practical since when the tread wears out, so does the rest of the wheel, so on many occasions it is advisable to replace the entire wheel.

These wheels are fully functional, and for a final customer who does not use the vehicle for much of the day they are optimal, however, they are not for leisure or entertainment companies, such as those we see in shopping centers, because the continuous use accelerates their wear and therefore they have to change the wheels more quickly than if they are rubber or pneumatic.

On the other hand, they have in their favor that by weighing less than rubber or pneumatic wheels, the car is lighter and therefore can develop a slightly higher speed than rubber or pneumatic wheels.

In addition to its durability, we also have more noise than rubber or pneumatic wheels. From the aesthetic point of view they also like a little less.

Rubber wheels, foam wheels, or eva wheels

Electric cars for children that equip this type of wheels are usually more expensive, because this component is already expensive; this type of wheels is more similar to a real wheel and gives the car much more realism, so it is currently becoming the standard in the assembly of electric cars for children.

The packaging of the car is that it gives a greater sensation of quality as it is usually due to the price factor that is more expensive.

This type of wheel does not have an air chamber so there is no need to worry about possible punctures, it is a wheel that grips better on all types of surfaces, especially gravel or grass and they support the weight well, they are also very quiet and have great durability. Ideal for leisure companies.

When you see a photograph of a wheel on a children’s car, notice that they do not have a tread in the middle, and then you will be able to ensure that it is a rubber wheel, because in 12V vehicles it is impossible to equip a total plastic wheel that could in some photograph give rise to some confusion. The rubber wheels yield to hand pressure and are malleable.

Of course there are different foam wheels, depending on their diameter, there are really big wheels like the ones fitted to the Ford Ranger, and there are also simpler wheels like the ones fitted to the Audi TT that you have below:

Foam wheels Audi TT Foam Wheels

BMW X3 Style Negro 12VFew cars have this type of wheels. These wheels are the ones that give the car the most realism, they are the heaviest, and therefore, the main drawback they have is that they make the car run a little less, exclusively because of the wheels, but otherwise everything adds advantages, they are those that support more weight, the most solid and durable with real pneumatic material, are like big wheels, but smaller, while those made of foam, the material is not as flexible.

In some cases they do not include decorative rims, so their detractors consider that aesthetically it may be a little less beautiful than those with pneumatic wheels. We have an example of this in the Lotus Style 12V model.

Wheels with leds

Mercedes SLS Rojo 12VThe Wheels of children’s electric cars with leds, have been a great attraction for many customers since last year, they are small lights that are included in the wheels that generate a very nice mosaic when the vehicle circulates with the lights on in dark areas, where you can see the extent of its detail. This new functionality has people for it as well as its detractors.

The latter affirm that it does not add anything new to the car, that it actually distances it from reality (real cars do not have lights), also that the car looks like a fair, and that they also pose a problem because over time the lights can be melt. (Remember that the deterioration of the lights due to wear and tear does not come under warranty).

Those who are in favor consider that it is one more option, because in many cases the lights can be deactivated, either manually or by consulting the technical service, which is not a fair either if they are only the lights of the wheels and that result more beautiful and elegant.

It is a matter of taste. You are the ones who decide, in many models as a manufacturer/importer we have been able to decide whether we wanted to include that option in the models or not, and it has really been a difficult decision for us, sometimes we have included them, for reasons of what our competitors or because of the reliability of the factory, and in other cases we have considered that the car already had very good options and this seemed unnecessary considering the arguments of the detractors.

At, all Mercedes SLS models incorporate the latest technology, and include wheels with LEDs, as seen in the previous photo.