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What Characteristics Are Kraft Boxes Should Have?

Are Kraft boxes are the only boxes you should eat? If your answer to this question is no, read on to find out what the characteristics of a Kraft box should be.

Kraft is a name that most people know, and for good reason. They make a variety of products, from cheese puffs to macaroni and cheese to chicken nuggets, but some people may not know that they have their own packaging for products as well.

History and manufacturing of Kraft Boxes

Kraft has been making many types of packaging for years, including the famous and still popular the cheese puffs that are used in almost every fast food restaurant.

Kraft also makes their own boxes and some others as well.

The first time they used a box was on their soups. They now have many different types of boxes in different sizes and shapes.  Shapes of the box vary depending on what product it is holding, but some common shapes are rectangular, round, square and black and white stripe.

Compatible for all products

Kraft boxes are designed to make sure that your food stays fresh and also finds its way to you in a timely manner. The boxes are designed in such a way that it does not leak, even if it is dropped, so the usable product inside the box is always safe.

They also have no seams in them, so you should never find any irritation from them on your food or on your hands.

Protection and enchanting display

Kraft boxes are designed to protect the contents inside them so that it will stay fresh and retain its flavor. They are also designed in such a way that makes the contents look appealing, which makes it very attractive to customers.

In addition to the Kraft logo on the outside of their boxes, they also have something called an innovative thermal barrier, or IBT (Intelligent Bond Technology) on the inside of their boxes that traps and insulates heat.

Gifts packaging made of Kraft boxes material

Gifts packaging made of Kraft material is said to be the “Gold Standard in Retail Packaging”. This is due to the great quality and long lasting nature of Kraft boxes. It has been used by so many companies that it is hard not to find them in a wide range of stores. But what would make an effective Kraft box? Here are some ideas:

-Needs heat or cold protection (for refrigerated foods).

-Easy breakable, stackable design– no need for costly tooling and dies.

Kraft Box: Best Ideas to Use as Awareness for Clients

-Plantable seed paper content can be used for inserts to showcase product.

-Full print capabilities and decorative windows add value and interest.

-No need for special equipment– easy to open and close.

Kraft Boxes – Easy and Versatile Packaging Solution | Perfect For…

-Compatible with all existing retail packaging machinery. -Produced by corrugated converters, not specialty shops.

Draw clients towards them and make them easy to use; they look great!

-Provide great protection to both products and their containers.

-Extremely resilient, also called ‘life-time’ boxes. -Resists tears, rips and dog acts. -They withstand high pressures and temperatures due to the unique firmness of the material. -In addition, they have a low density and are lightweight (about 2 pounds each). -you do not need much material for these boxes– almost any kind of product can be packaged in these boxes.

Informative boxes

-Advantages of a printed substrate: it gets customers to buy, and it helps in branding.

-It is the best packaging for products that need to be presented to customers.

-Investment in the paper stock is expensive, so you have to calculate carefully before investing on a printed paper.

-You have all the color options you can think of, including metallic print and embossed foil; look at combinations with coloured paper.

-You can place graphics on top of the boxes for spectacular results.

Let clients know about special features of the product