Vn88 revealed that Man Utd fans demanded to expel C.Ronaldo after a shocking interview

Prior to making derogatory comments about Manchester United on TalkTV on November 13, the website Vn88.cx published information indicating that Cristiano Ronaldo had been in negotiations with Bayern Munich.

According to Vn88, a delegation from Bayern Munich traveled to London (England) last week to meet with Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes to discuss the prospect of Bayern Munich hiring the Portuguese superstar after the 2022 World Cup.

In light of Sadio Mane’s life-threatening injury, the Bavarian club’s position toward Ronaldo shifted significantly. The Senegal coach has confirmed that the former Liverpool player will be attending the 2022 World Cup, but it is highly doubtful that he would be healthy enough to play in the tournament.

In the month of June, Jorgen Mendes extended an offer to multiple teams, one of which was Bayern Munich. Oliver Kahn, the CEO of the German squad at the time, attacked Ronaldo for not being physically fit and said that he did not fit in with the mentality of Bayern Munich. After shelling out $35 million to acquire Sadio Mane, they do not want to add to their financial burden by providing CR7 with a salary of $600,000 per week.

Thomas Tuchel, who was coaching Chelsea at the time, was against the transfer of Ronaldo to the club. As a result of Chelsea manager Todd Boehly’s decision to replace Tuchel with Graham Potter, Chelsea is now in a better position to compete with Bayern Munich.

The public criticism that Cristiano Ronaldo leveled at the Board of Directors, coach Ten Hag, and his teammates at Manchester United stunned Ronaldo. The “rebellious” behavior of the 37-year-old striker is reported to have been prompted by the fact that he was taken out of the starting eleven for the match against Fulham that took place on November 13 in the 15th round of the Premier League.

Ronaldo made many requests to leave Old Trafford in the summer of 2022, but his requests were denied each time. According to Vn88.cx, the star player, who is now 37 years old, also discussed a prospective trade with Newcastle United last month; however, the Premier League club declined their offer.

According to Vn88, comments made on TalkTV came dangerously close to ending Cristiano Ronaldo’s career with Manchester United. After the conclusion of the World Cup in 2022, the leadership of Manchester United can liquidate Ronaldo’s contract six months early, allowing him to leave the club on his own terms in January 2023.

A significant number of supporters of Manchester United have voiced their displeasure with Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments against the “Red Devils” in an exclusive interview that was published by Vn88.

“C. Ronaldo ought to get out of there as quickly as humanly possible. What a joke he made of the situation. Man United does not require him, and they have been and will continue to be a better side without him “After watching the exclusive interview that journalist Piers Morgan had on Talk TV with C. Ronaldo, a fan of Manchester United was very direct in their criticism of the Portuguese star.

“I was converted into a traitor in the squad by Manchester United, who betrayed me. I don’t respect Erik Ten Hag because he doesn’t respect me.

It is a fact that Manchester United wants to distance themselves from me. In addition to the club’s coach, two or three other members of the organization are also attempting to achieve that goal. I have the impression that they do not want me to play for Manchester United, and not only this year but also from the previous season onward. I can’t help but feel duped “According to what C. Ronaldo said in the interview, “

The words made by the 37-year-old striker have caused a lot of Manchester United fans to feel dissatisfied and even upset, and many have spoken out in defense of their favorite team.

C. Ronaldo has a history of defying or opposing the authority figures at Manchester United, including the head coach. This is not the first time he has done so. Before that, this player also had trouble, and when coach Ten Hag urged him to play in the last minutes of the game against Tottenham, he walked off the field and into the tunnel.

“Can’t wait for Cristiano to leave, and I want someone to take him as quickly as possible. He lacks professional conduct. Man United are obviously performing at a much higher level without him, “observed one supporter. said an angry grave.

“C. Ronaldo has sullied his reputation as a player and as a person by destroying his legacy. It’s unfortunate that his career came to an end in this manner because his ego was the cause of everything that went wrong “, a third participant remarked.

Notably, Ronaldo came out against coach Ten Hag while he was sick to escape having to travel to Craven Cottage after learning that he would not be starting for Manchester United in the game against Fulham. He did this to avoid having to travel to Craven Cottage since he was sick.

After giving a stunning interview, it is probable that Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to abandon his career with Manchester United, as indicated by the information provided by Vn88.cx. It is possible that supporters will not get to watch the Portuguese skipper play again while he is wearing the “Red Devils” shirt after the match on November 6 against Aston Villa.