Vape Maintenance Tips: How To Clean Your Vape

Vape Maintenance Tips

Didn’t it feel like a brand-new car when you finally got your new vape? You were undoubtedly excited when it was brought to you, especially after seeing how sleek and beautiful it looks. It also happens to be the most cutting-edge product on the market.

But after using your device intermittently for roughly two months, it has become unclean. It is no longer in prime condition and has grown gummy. It needs to improve in terms of quality. Now, you’re considering getting a new one but wait. As a beginner vaper, you must control your unconscious compulsiveness. Why not learn to clean your used vape instead of throwing it out?

The secret to using your vape, vape box, or vaporizer for an extended period and keeping it in top condition is adequate maintenance. Every time you vape, you’ll be able to get flavorful hits if your device is kept clean and well-maintained. It’s about inhaling as much flavour as possible. You can do this with a tool that you know how to clean and maintain and will always function as well as new.

What Are The Different Components Of A Vape?

To be able to maintain the functionality of your vaporizer, you must be aware of all of its component elements. A pen-style vaporizer is made up of three basic parts:

  • The tank, which normally attaches to the atomizer as a single piece, is the component that holds the e-juice.
  • Coil: a part that generates heat to turn e-juice into vapour.
  • The device’s power source, the battery, may have options for controlling voltage and temperature. With vape mods, the housing around the battery is sealed.
  • Similar in design but with a larger enclosure and stronger batteries, box mods are built differently. Higher power can produce more vapour, giving the user a stronger throat punch.

When Should You Clean Your Vape Device?

You’ll want to enjoy your new e-flavour juices and avoid having the previous flavour overpowering it. So, it is best to rinse and clean the device’s tank anytime you switch e-juice flavours. Your vaporizer should also receive a once-over each week. At least once every few weeks, you must completely clean your device.

Then again, you must thoroughly clean your equipment anytime it starts to operate poorly.

How To Clean The Tank Of Your Vape

Filling your tank with a different e-liquid flavour while still experiencing a back taste of the e-juice you were using is a very typical mistake. To prevent this, you must clean your vape tank. Sometimes you must clean your equipment with alcohol, but you can rinse it.

By following tips, you can easily maintain any vape like tugboat evo 4500 puffs or pod salt nexus.

simple rinse

  • Grab a bowl and put some warm water in it.
  • From the mod, remove the tank.
  • Empty the tank of any residual e-liquid.
  • Disassemble the tank entirely.
  • Bowl the tank components.
  • You should thoroughly clean these parts with water. If the tank is extremely dirty, use some dish soap.

alcohol-based deep cleaning

  • Eliminate any leftover e-liquid and remove the tank from the mod.
  • Disassemble the tank entirely.
  • Scrub any e-juice buildup in the tank with a damp cloth dipped in high-proof, flavourless vodka.
  • Rinse it with warm water after cleaning it.

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