Types of 100 Ft 12 Gauge Extension Cords

Extension cords are an everyday necessity in our modern lives. They commonly plug different indoor and outdoor electric tools and accessories into power outlets. Extension cords come in many different types and are rated according to their gauge. The 100 ft 12 gauge extension cords are rated for household and general use. They all have other services and applications due to their varying levels of durability and current capacity.

1. Outdoor Extension Cords

The 100 ft 12 gauge outdoor extension cord has a heat-resistant heavy-duty cord body which is ideal for use outdoors or in damp places. It is resistant to chemicals and moisture, thus suitable for constant exposure to outside elements. These extension cords also have a waterproof seal that resists salt water, sunlight, and humidity. These outdoor extension cords have an excellent current capacity of 16 amps and are UL listed. They have three prongs that plug directly into outdoor electrical sockets or plugs. These cords can be used with high-powered lawnmowers and electric hedge trimmers.

2. Heavy-Duty Extension Cords

These cords are designed for high-powered tools and appliances, such as air compressors, generators, and welding equipment. They are made with thicker, more durable materials and have higher amp ratings than standard extension cords. The heavy-duty extension cord has a maximum electric current of 20 amps and a three-prong plug.

3. Contractor Grade Extension Cords

The 12 gauge contractor-grade extension cords have a heavy-duty body, making them suitable for high-power tools, appliances, and equipment. Contractor-grade cables are made of durable materials and have a thicker protective jacket. They are typically heavier than standard or general-use extension cords. The maximum electric current is also higher at 25 amps, and the prongs are usually flat to allow for more contact with the outlet.

4. Indoor Extension Cords

The indoor extension cord is ideal for indoor uses and projects. It is made with a thicker gauge wire, which allows it to carry more electricity but doesn’t provide the versatility of the standard-use or outdoor extension cord. The indoor extension cord has a higher amp rating of 15 amps. It has two standard electrical connectors at one end and a short-prong plug on the other. They are suitable for smaller appliances and electronics, such as lamps, computers, and TVs.

5. Multi-Outlet Extension Cords

A multi-outlet extension cord is a 100 ft 12 gauge extension cord with several outlets that allow different electrical cables to be plugged into it. This is convenient when more than one electrical device needs to be plugged into the power source. Multi-outlet extensions are available in indoor and outdoor versions and are often used in workshops and garages. They can also connect outdoor power tools to indoor power outlets.

The 100 ft 12 gauge extension cords are suitable for use with different tools and appliances, including household power tools and other electrical equipment. Depending on their intended use, they can be classified as indoor or outdoor. The 12 gauge extensions all have different services and applications due to their varying levels of durability and current capacity.