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Top 5 signs you should purchase a new furnace

Furnaces are one of the most common heating elements that provide comfort by warming up our home during winter. Brand new furnaces are expensive to buy, but they usually run for ages. As time passes, their performance and energy efficiency decrease slowly even after regular maintenance. A time arrives when they become no longer effective and require replacement. If you see these five signs, it’s time to get a new furnace:

Frequent repairs

It’s okay to see some issues, such as clogged filters, unusual sounds, minor cracks, or water dripping from furnace occasionally. You can take the heating system to professionals who will fix those issues at a low rate. However, if it requires frequent repair services, you might have to spend almost half its buying price. Then, it’s not worth doing because the cost will keep raising over time. You should get a new one with advanced technologies instead. 

High utility bill

Almost all old appliances consume more power or resources compared to new ones. Various things can be responsible for it, including old filters, clogged filters, old/damaged internal parts, etc. Therefore, we have to pay a lot for outdated units. Besides, furnaces and other heating systems were available with a maximum of 85% to 95% energy efficiency many years ago. Now, we can find 100% energy-efficient models easily. So, when the operating expenses start getting out of your reach, opt for a new energy-efficient machine. 

Too old

Heating systems’ lifespan usually lies between ten to thirty years old, depending on the type, configuration, and materials. For example, gas-operated furnaces last up to 20 years, whereas their electrical counterparts can perform well for 10 more years. But after a certain period, they take up way more fuel or electrical energy, adding a huge amount to our utility bill. In this case, replacement is mandatory. New furnaces have a high buying and installation cost indeed, but they will save dollars in the long run. 

Temperature fluctuations

Are you noticing an uneven warmth in your home? Do you need to touch the thermostat pretty often? It indicates that your furnace is taking a long time to do its job. It’s not a matter of concern when the difference is barely noticeable. Consult with an expert to check the system and solve this problem. If the fluctuations seem significant even though there is no duct leak, you need to upgrade the heating unit. This issue is usually seen in backdated appliances. 

Excessive soot

Less efficient heaters tend to generate more carbon dioxide than usual, which generally appears as soot around their ducts. Clean air registers can get dirty within a couple of days. It can also spread in the rooms. Since they can make a home strangely dusty, the indoor air quality will not be fresh and clean like before. You might need to vacuum every single day to clean it. Breathing in such a bad environment can be injurious to your lungs. It’s a sign you must say goodbye to your existing furnace.