Top 5 Modern Technologies you Must know About in Business

To grow your existing business or a new startup, you need to be on top of the current technologies available in the market. The pandemic has shown us the importance of technologies like Zoom to keep your business growing from anywhere. Now, every industry understands the importance as it allows them to communicate with the target audience without trouble. It also lets them create brand awareness using social media and digital technologies. Lastly, it aids them in creating loyal customers through CRM systems.

Moreover, if you use the right technology for your business, you streamline the entire process and reduce human errors. Both are essential to scale a business and increase sales (for a product-based business). For the unversed, here are the best and necessary technologies that all companies should use. It will help your brand grow and succeed in 2022 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

More than 30% of businesses are planning to include AI in their businesses. The reason is that AI can comb through massive datasets, which humans cannot do within minutes. With AI, data analysis becomes easier. Through this data collection and analysis, AI provides you with an opportunity to create targeted advertisements for your customers. Moreover, AI technology can enhance customer support, and the need for better customer relations services is well known to all. With AI, you get immediate and personalized replies to your queries in chat form. It also lets the user track the solution to their problem, which helps them become a loyal customer. All this helps a business grow and retain customers

Digital business cards

Business cards are a great marketing tool. However, the time of using paper or traditional business cards is over. Now, you need to upgrade your business card to an online business card. Digital business cards ensure you market your business to more clients and don’t need to do that physically. You can share details with people over the computer when doing meetings virtually. As a business card is responsible for sharing every necessary detail about your business, it is one technology every business needs to use.


Data breaches are the worst thing to happen to any business. When hackers attack your computers and online systems, it becomes challenging to keep customers’ personal data from getting leaked. Unfortunately, data leakage is always a good thing for a business. Thus, using the best cybersecurity software to keep the personal data of customers and the company’s sensitive information secure is necessary.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology like smartwatches helps people interact smartly with the world around them. Often, their use is limited to fitness and health. However, you can do more, like check emails, make calls, and more, like with the Apple watch. For a business, it is an opportunity to give their employees a chance to be healthier and have an active lifestyle.

Wireless conference room

A company needs a meeting space for discussing business progress and strategy. However, gone are the days of doing this only physically. Now, companies are using a wireless solution to have meetings. This technology connects clients, teams, and offices irrespective of their location. With such technology, you can even do presentations across multiple locations without the need to be in one place.

Customer relationship management system (CRM)

A CRM system is necessary for a business as it allows you to organize, collect, and analyze client and customer information. The process helps you retain and bring in new customers by putting targeted digital ads in front of them. Most businesses use cloud-based platforms like Hubspot or Salesforce for managing client relations to grow their business. If you still need to start using CRM technologies, determine the right fit for you and implement it to see growth in your business now.

Cloud data storage

You no longer have to rely on in-house servers to store your growing data. Now, you can use cloud or online data storage. For example, Google Drive or Dropbox lets you keep your data on the cloud. This benefit is that every member can access it without being present in one room.

These are only a few new technologies every business should know about. Data and machine learning are other exciting technologies with many benefits for a company looking to grow.