Top 16 iPhone Secret Repair Settings By Phone Repair Shop

Do you know that your iPhone has amazing secret repair settings and features that magnify your iPhone user experience? Mobile Doctor, a phone repair shop in Ottawa, offers a list of almost 16 hidden repair features that you must know about to experience the iPhone to its full potential. 

  1. Priority Download

This feature in iPhone lets you choose which app you want to download first as a priority. This feature comes in handy when you buy a brand-new iPhone, set it up, and download many applications. You can press the app icon from your home screen and click on this option to move it to the front so that it will download first in the queue for you to use quickly. 

  1. Raise to Wake

Sometimes, when you don’t want to open your phone to see the notifications, you enable this feature to see the notifications at a glance without unlocking. You can enable this feature by entering settings, selecting the display and brightness option, and allowing the “raise to wake ” feature. After enabling it, every time you hold your iPhone, new notifications appear on your screen, and you can see them without unlocking your phone.

  1. Flashlight Brightness Adjustment

Your iPhone has this cool feature where the flashlight of your iPhone’s camera can also work as a torch, and you can also adjust its brightness depending on your requirement. You can change the brightness by swiping down the control center and long-pressing the flashlight icon to adjust its brightness. It will also help your iPhone battery and will not drain quickly. 

  1. Automatically Scan Codes 

You must be aware that individuals use QR codes worldwide as an effortless way to let users go to websites and applications. Enable this feature by going to settings and “scan QR codes.” When you enable it, it will scan the codes automatically. 

  1. Free your storage

There is a new feature in iPhones where people can see all the unused files and apps from their iPhones to delete them easily to free up the storage. You must go to settings, general, iPhone storage, and toggle on the “offload unused apps” feature. Enabling this feature will automatically delete all the apps you haven’t used since the download. You won’t have to delete the apps as it is time-consuming. You also won’t have to take your iPhone to a cell phone repair shop to free up the storage. 

  1. Jump to camera mode.

You often miss the opportunity to capture an amazing scene because you are switching between different camera modes. This problem can be solved by long press on the camera icon, and shortcuts will appear that will show you the camera modes, and you can select one of your choice suggested by a phone repair shop in Ottawa. 

  1. Block Online Tracking

When you use any website or app, they try to track you through advertisements and cookies. Using Safari, you can block those cookies to secure and protect your sensitive data. You can select the option “prevent cross-site tracking” by safari settings. 

  1. Emoji Keyboard

Emojis are a fun way to express our feelings. The iPhone emoji keyboard best provides fitting emojis through the option. You can type your message and click on the emoji icon, and it will convert the works into orange color where the emojis are fittings. 

  1. Browser Tab search

Sometimes you open multiple tabs in your browser because you need to search for various things. Now how would you switch to a different tab without closing the previous one? It’s simple, if you are using the latest iPhone, you can see the box icon in safari in the bottom right corner; when you click it, it will display all the open tabs, and you can select the tab you want to jump to. 

  1. Vibration and Ringtone Customization

This feature comes in handy, especially when someone is calling you and you don’t want to look at your iPhone or attend to the call. Go to contacts and select any contact you wish to customize, edit the contact and set the ringtone of your choice. Doing this will set a different ringtone for every contact, and you’ll know who is calling without looking at your phone. 

  1.  Auto-WiFi

This option is useful whenever you come close to a WiFi network. It automatically connects to your iPhone. You can turn on the WiFi assist option by going to settings to avail the advantage of this feature. 

  1.  Sort Files

If you have too many files on your iPhone, you can sort them using this option. Open the iOS file app and bring this option anywhere on your iPhone’s screen. You can see options for sorting the files by name, date, day, and size. 

  1.  Reply with custom messages.

If you are busy in a meeting or at a gathering and you receive a call but can’t pick it up, you can send a custom message that is present on your iPhone. To enable this feature, you have to go to settings and click the “respond with the text” option to edit and send the message in answer to the call.

  1.  Notes for Password protection

Many people habitually write things down in case they don’t forget. Notes come in handy to write your passwords and store sensitive data, thing-to-do lists, and shopping lists. You can also use this feature to write what’s in your heart, and it can work as your diary.

  1.  Disabling Read-Receipts option

Phone repair shop suggests that if you are using iMessage or WhatsApp, you can easily disable read-receipts for some contacts if you don’t want them to see if the message has been seen. 

  1.  Restrict Location

When you keep the location of your iPhone on at all times, it is not good for your battery and privacy. Phone repair shops in Ottawa advise you to restrict the location tracking for all the apps except where it is needed. To specify location and monitoring, go to settings, privacy, and location services. You will see the list of all the apps using your location. Set these apps from “always” to “while using the app.” If you don’t understand anything regarding repair or iPhone features, you can go to a repair store to get help from a professional expert. 

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