The Best Vaping Options for Heavy Smokers

Because vaping products don’t contain the thousands of hazardous chemicals in regular cigarettes, they are frequently considered a safer alternative to smoking. Moving from smoking cigarettes to vaping can be more challenging for heavy smokers who require more nicotine than the average person. This post will cover the most excellent solutions for heavy smokers wishing to switch to vaping.

Individuals with higher nicotine demands will need a device that delivers nicotine as effectively as possible for the most straightforward introduction to vaping. As a result, heavy smokers find that using disposable devices and pre-filled pods does not provide a satisfying vaping experience.

Heavy cigarette dependence in heavy smokers results from both psychological and physical causes. When someone switches from smoking cigarettes to vaping, vaping fills the void left by smoking. Therefore, it is essential to consider both the quantity and method of nicotine delivery from the device. There are a lot of differences between vapes and cigarettes, so getting used to the change will take some time. Heavy smokers should utilize a device with characteristics similar to a cigarette, including restrictive airflow, to aid the transition. Tight airflow vaporizers deliver the throat impact that heavy smokers desire and demand.

How to find your ideal vape?

Heavy smokers will also want to utilize a low-wattage device optimized for high-strength e-liquids for the best vaping experience. Devices designed for high-strength e-liquids can be recognized by their small vents and narrow mouthpieces, which resemble cigarette filters. These features cause tight airflow.

Choose a gadget with a replaceable battery as an additional option so you may have a backup battery and never be concerned about running out of power when a craving strikes.

The device’s design should be the final critical factor heavy smokers consider when deciding. It is advised that those switching from smoking to vaping use a device with a user-friendly design because you do not want your first vaping experience to be challenging. You will probably lose patience and go back to smoking cigarettes if your initial gadget offers a wide range of difficult-to-understand setting options. Start with a simple device instead, and once you’ve become used to vaping, you can try one with a little more flexibility.

Vape dazzle best vapes for heavy smokers:

We provide a wide selection of starter kits at Vape Dazzle, including vape pens, pod systems, and small adaptable kits. Because they are made with beginners in mind and include everything you need to start, starting kits are perfect for people who want to quit smoking. The kits we suggest for heavy smokers are listed below.


A modern choice that falls under the area of unique flavors is a sleek, attractive vape pen that uses nicotine salt from renowned pod salt. The liquid base of Pod Salt GO 2500, disposable vape cigarettes, prevents burning. As a result, there are no combustion byproducts. Although the cartridges are heated over time, they never reach a point where they melt.

ELF bar bc 5000 disposable vape

With more puffs, the ELF bar 5000 puffs disposable vapes is an excellent rechargeable disposable vape. The 13ml of e-liquid in the 79mm tall ELF bar disposable vape contains 5% nicotine for a great vaping experience. The puff count is great since it satisfies desires and enables the development of unique vape clouds! Despite its small size, this tiny box-shaped device is attractive and offers more than 30 flavor variations. It has a gradient of hues that clash.

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