Taste Of Tradition: Know More About Traditional Sweets And Their Endearing Names

The concept of sweets name and desserts goes long back in Indian history. Around 500 BC, Indians were known for owning the technology to manufacture sugar crystals from sugarcane, which, a few years down the line, went on to be used across different parts of the world, both as a chief ingredient in food and a taste enhancer. 

Although the term ‘dessert’ has been coined from the French word ‘desservir’ and referred to as a concluder of meals in Western countries, its Indian counterparts are must-have items in all Indian cuisines and menus. Not a single festival, social gathering, family get-together, or any kind of celebration is complete without the aroma of traditional Indian sweets name and wafting out of the dining hall. 

With the diverse culinary culture of India, the different versions of Indian sweets name have got their endearing and unique names both because of their distinct appearance and their delicious taste.

 The discussion about traditional Indian sweets name is incomplete without mentioning the following delicacies. There are different types of sweets

  1. Roshogolla: These syrupy, spongy, and soft cottage cheese balls are an inseparable part of West Bengal’s identity, and they are so named due to their perfectly round shapes and the sugary syrup they are dipped into. Although the Bengalis swear by their beloved roshogolla every time there is some grand celebration or auspicious event going on, this particular Indian sweet has its fan following across the length and breadth of India as well.

  2. Mishti Doi: There are many creamy sweet dishes, like custard, or kheer that the Indians are highly fond of. But one spoon of the creamy sweet yogurt or Mishti Doi from West Bengal can not only give you an unmatched gustatory pleasure but also leave an aftertaste in your mouth that is nothing short of divine. The very name of the sweet reflects the simplicity with which it is made, but you can be rest assured that when a spoon of Mishti Doi makes its way into your mouth, you won’t be finding the calculations of your daily calorie count so simple anymore to keep tabs on! 

  3. Laddoo: Although every Indian state has its own indigenous sweet dish that is a part of their cultural palette, there are certain sweets name, which have very strong religious significance in almost every state of India. One such sweet is laddoos. Believed to be the favourite food item of the Lord Ganesha apart from modaks, which are offered to the deity during Ganesh Chaturthi, laddoos are the most consistent favourites for everyone particularly during this festival season. The universality of laddoos has helped them consolidate a very strong symbol of religious faith and devotion in all festivals in the temples where these are distributed to the worshippers and devotees as the ‘prasad.’

 The name of this particular sweet is very cute in itself, and this cuteness quotient is further enhanced with the multiple avatars it comes in, such as like coconut laddoo, til ka laddoo, bundi ki laddoo, motichoor ki laddoo, and many more like that. These are different types of sweets name are easiest to make and no matter which ingredients are used in them, their uniqueness and flavour will never fail to amaze you.

  1. Barfi: The sweet tooth of the Indians is something no one can match, which is evident in their years of experimentation with different ingredients. One such example of experimentation with cashew nuts and thickened milk is the Barfi. These high-end sweets have multiple variants, which simply fly off the shelves during Indian festivals like Diwali or Holi as a dessert to be served to the guests, to be distributed among friends, and also to be sent as gifts. Getting its name from the Urdu word ‘barf’ which means snow, this particular sweet dish is extremely popular all over India, especially in its northern parts.

  2. Rabri: When was the last time you tasted a particular dessert that made your eyes roll back in pleasure? Well, if you cannot remember the last time you had a foodgasm, you could always taste a bowl of fresh and chilled rabri which is a traditional Indian sweet dish that will make you taste heaven with every spoon you take. Made with clotted malai and thick condensed milk, the aroma of this saffron-sprinkled sweet dish is going to make you call for multiple helpings although you are too full with your meal. The yumminess of this particular dessert is reflected in its name, and the moment you see it, you would be bound to feel the pangs of hunger that you never knew ever existed within you.

The traditional Indian sweets name has a very unique relationship with the people of India. On one hand, people are becoming increasingly health conscious and cutting down on their sweet consumption, whereas, on the other hand, majority of the people actually stop counting the calories when they are faced with a buffet of traditional Indian sweets name where each of the items tempts them to take a bite with the promise of coming back for more because of the unparalleled taste and the unbridled satisfaction they give to the taste buds. Which one are you?