Streamline MD vs DrChrono EHR: The Most Comprehensive Guide of 2022

When it comes to EHR (electronic health records), selecting suitable software for your practice is critical. Due to the many options available, selecting the best one can be difficult. Streamline MD and DrChrono are practice management applications with a broad feature set. This article will help you understand the differences between StreamlineMD and DrChrono. Furthermore, in this Streamline MD vs DrChrono guide, you will also learn about their pricing details. These factors will help can make a suitable choice.

In the United States, StreamlineMD focuses on enhancing day-to-day operations for specialty areas. It is ideal for assisting imaging with image-guided experts in hospital-based radiology. You can use it for interventional pain clinics, outpatient endovascular and interventional procedures.

DrChrono is a solution for medical practices. It supports small ambulatory clinics to major hospitals and companies. It has customizable medical forms, e-prescribing, scheduling, and more. It even has access to over 40,000 laboratories. Clinics can use it to handle all aspects of patient intake to simplify daily operations and focus on excellent treatment.

Streamline EMR

Key Features

Clinical Care Management

You can customize clinical views and dashboards by role. This ensures that physicians have instant access to the essential information they need. Moreover, it allows them to give clients accurate, timely, and high-quality treatment. This feature auto-populates evaluations and treatment plans.  It decreases administrative labor for clinical staff by simplifying workflows.

Electronic Prescriptions

Streamline’s “SmartCare Rx” ePrescribing features include prescribing, amending, and refilling. It also includes features like alerting for filled drugs and recording medication consent. Physicians can also use it to submit prescriptions to any Surescripts network pharmacy. They can print scripts if necessary to send to a pharmacy not part of the Surescripts network. Moreover, physicians can also order and renew medications. This feature makes it easy to remain up-to-date on prescriptions and patient information.


Streamline’s “SmartCare” system also integrates telehealth. Users can plan and manage electronic client appointments as they do in person. They can use phone, Zoom, GoToWebinar, and Microsoft Teams. They can also move appointments between in-person and electronic formats if necessary.

Patient Portal

Streamline’s patient portal enables practices to interact with one another via electronic methods. Physicians can use it to assist the patient and, where appropriate, family as well. Clinics can also triage client communications and batch responses.

Streamline EHR Pricing

The cost of the Streamline EHR system is not disclosed. Users can get Streamline’s price information by contacting the vendor. The cost of Streamline depends on the size of your practice.

Streamline EMR Demo

You can schedule a Streamline MD demo before purchasing a subscription to see if it will be helpful to you. Contact their team to schedule a Streamline demo. It will also provide answers to any queries you may have regarding the Streamline MD software.

Streamline EMR Reviews

According to the Streamline reviews, the user interface of Streamline MD is simple and easy to use. This program is easy to use and packed with valuable features. Their customer care specialists go above and above to address customers’ issues; services are tailored to consumers’ unique requirements.

DrChrono EHR

Key Features

Electronic Health Records

The DrChrono EMR is flexible to your clinic’s needs. Mobility has always been an essential feature. The DrChrono EHR is unique in that you can access it from any location and at any time. The applications on the iPad enable doctors to spend less time on the computer and more time with patients.


Patients can watch tele-videos using a connection given by healthcare experts. You can provide patients with consent documents to sign and return them online. 

Billing Management

You can manage your finances by verifying insurance coverage at the time of treatment. You can cut data inputs, and charging. Billing codes that are pre-populated improve accuracy, save time, and speed up payment.

Dashboard Shortcuts 

You can create macro buttons and accessible shortcuts for the most used notes that you use often. It saves physicians’ time by allowing them to access data with a single click. 

Patient Portal

You can communicate with your patients via the “OnPatient Portal” and empower them to take an active role in their health management. You can reduce no-shows and increase income with automatic reminders. “OnPatient Portal” allows you to have direct access to your patients at any level you desire.

DrChrono Cost

DrChrono EHR has configurable pricing, it is suitable for both small and big clinics. You can get a customized price for the DrChrono subscription choices. The DrChrono sales team will give you the information about the software.

DrChorno Demo

You can schedule a DrChrono through the official website. It will help you understand the features and how they can be used to simplify physician workflows. 

DrChrono EHR Reviews

DrChrono EMR reviews complement its simplicity. They also appreciate the speed with which they can process information. You can retrieve all the data with ease. Reading insurance cards is also made more accessible. Some users like how adaptable it is.

Final Remarks

Streamline provides web-based software to healthcare institutions that allows them to create and organize specific behavioral service delivery procedures. It integrates all departments, transitioning them to a more holistic service paradigm. Streamline is suitable for practices who want to integrate all their activities into a single solution.

DrChrono’s EHR and medical billing platform for iPad and iPhone support medical practices.  You can handle patient intake, patient care, and clinical charting. Its ls supports medical billing and revenue cycle management. It features medical forms that you can also customize according to your requirements. Other tools include e-prescribing, scheduling tools, and real-time patient eligibility checks.

DrChrono and Streamline MD are outstanding clinic management solutions in a nutshell. You can also view their individual demos before making a final selection, since this will allow you to observe them from several angles. Another factor that impacts your choice is pricing. Ultimately, the decision depends on your clinic’s requirements and which software can provide the necessary features for it.