Some Lifestyle Changes for PCOS to Help Manage It!

Are you tired of irregular periods and severe pain that limits your productivity? Women’s menstrual cycle is pivotal in regulating their health and energy. However, conditions like PCOS cause more androgens in the female body, causing irregularity or periods. 

PCOS not only affects your menstrual cycle, but it can also make you super moody and cranky. When dealing with PCOS, most women gain significant weight and deal with acne, hair loss, etc. Medication becomes necessary if your PCOS is triggered. However, few lifestyle changes can stop PCOS from triggering and keep it under control. Let’s have a look at simple changes that can make a huge impact on PCOS! 

Lifestyle Changes to Combat PCOS 

The habits one adopts in life have a huge impact on their health. If you want to cure PCOS naturally, you have to follow a healthy routine strictly. We discuss some lifestyle changes below to help you control PCOS without medication. Here you go: 

Eliminate Stress 

Stress is one of PCOS syndrome’s biggest triggers and can worsen your condition within one hour. You may eat healthy, exercise and sleep well, but you may still be unable to get over PCOS. If you have a significant source of stress in your life, try to resolve the issue. 

On the other hand, try a few practices, such as yoga and journaling, to destress. Controlling your mind and manipulating it into thinking positive is the key. When you are happy, your PCOS improves, and your menstrual cycle starts to regulate. 

Eating Healthy is the Key 

Your diet plays a crucial role in controlling PCOS syndrome. Too many carbs, sugar, alcohol, etc., can trigger your condition. You can also add healthy supplements such as apple cider vinegar to your diet. Apple cider vinegar before bed is known to work best for PCOS. 

On the other hand, try to add a lot of protein and green vegetables to your diet as they nurture your immune system. Generally, people with PCOS are sensitive to dairy products. It can cause your acne to flare up; hence, you can try plant-based products. 

Manage Your Weight 

One of the common consequences of PCOS is excessive weight gain. You may not eat unhealthily and still gain weight if you have PCOS. It is also relatively harder for PCOS patients to reduce weight than women without it. If you want your menstrual cycle to be regular, you must maintain a healthy weight. 

Sugar and carbs are two important things you should cut down from your diet. They can mess up your hormones and disbalance the production of testosterone. Make sure you eat healthily and make it a lifestyle. 


You may have heard that exercising helps with managing PCOS, but most of us wonder how. Moving your body, getting your heart rate up and sweating is good for your body regardless of PCOS. Obesity is very common in women with PCOS causing further hormonal disbalance. 

Exercising and burning calories is great for PCOS as it helps decrease insulin resistance. It also helps in regulating hormones such as androgens in the female body. If you have difficulty going to the gym and doing an intense workout, start with walking. 

Try Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best products available for skincare, body and hair concerns. Fitness enthusiasts highly recommend apple cider vinegar if you are trying to lose weight, manage cholesterol or reduce inflammation. Are you wondering what does apple cider vinegar do? 

Apple cider vinegar helps improve your gut health and has antioxidants that help your body fight health issues. PCOS can cause inflammation in your uterus, and apple cider vinegar can help tackle that. On the other hand, it also helps in weight management which is quite beneficial for PCOS patients. 

Prioritize Sleep 

One of the things we start ignoring as we grow older is sleeping on time. Most of us are night owls and sleep through the day. Most people don’t know, but sleep also plays a pivotal role in managing or triggering PCOS. Rest is necessary to regulate your mood and balance out your energy. 

People with PCOS are moody and low on energy; however, lack of sleep further triggers that. Sleeping on time should be your priority if you want to manage PCOS naturally. On the other hand, ensure you have enough sleep to feel your best and be productive to your full potential. 

Final Verdict 

The struggle with PCOS is real, and most women deal with it in their teenage years or later. It is essential to visit your gynecologist to examine your condition. Sometimes, taking medications is necessary; however, simple lifestyle changes can also help control PCOS. Make small positive lifestyle changes and avoid things that trigger your condition.