Smart Security Cameras

Everyone in this world wants to protect its belongings, whether in the form of loved ones, wealth or maybe something else that is expensive in your eyes. There are a number of ways by which you can do this. If you have some important files or documents in your office or maybe you want to protect your family from any unexpected danger, you can hire a security guard. But in this digital world that much is not enough. We have to walk along a fast moving world. We will share with you some of the best ways by which you can  protect your family and keep a strong eye check on every move of the people around you. The demand on wireless & solar cameras is increasing everyday and may find a lot of people searching for security cameras installation تركيب كاميرات مراقبة.

You can install wireless cameras كاميرات مراقبة خارجية  in your house or office. There is a wide variety of security cameras according to the need and wants of the particular place or area. It also depends on you for what purpose you want to install the security cameras. You can check the variety of security cameras at سمارت هب .

4 Best Cameras for Security

SmartHub1 سمارت هب
Ring Flood light camera 
Blink XT 

1.   Ring stick up 

The next generation camera by ring is well suited for busy people like our generation. 

The interesting thing about a stick up ring is that it can be either run on a solar system or on a battery كاميرات مراقبة لاسلكية. Moreover it can be directly linked to the electricity of the house. Quality is sometimes more important than the specifications, other cameras may show higher specifications but Ring stick up provides you the exact quality and colors that you need. 

You can connect it to the famous search engine device Alexa. It will be more comfortable for you. If you are working on a laptop in your study room and you want to get to know what your children are doing in the pool or to check if everything is okay, you can just use Alexa to show the pool side view and everything is in front of you clearly.

2.Ring Floodlight camera

Do you want to experience a camera that provides security to you and allows you to cross talk with it. Floodlight camera by ring provides you such a quality that integrates every motion of the person who is walking up to the area of twenty to forty degrees.

If unfortunately any thief comes inside your home, you can warn them as having the ability to cross talk. Not only that you can even record all the moves and if necessary you can ring alarms to stop further moves by anyone. 

There is an option to select a particular area even within the range of the camera surveillance that you would like to get notified if anybody passes through it. 

The security camera came up with two unique colors including white and black and there are also two big light bulbs over it that shows the presence of the camera


Every product came up with a unique quality. Foscam is best known for its hard body and strong resistance against the unfavorable conditions of the environment like rain or thunderstorm. 

Heavy rain or not carefully handled by the children does not bother Foscam security camera. Even the rough use of them provides the same quality and features. 

The foscam is connected to well known google devices like siri and Alexa. You can even record the videos of your loved ones at home and share them at your workplace with your family and friends. 

4.Blink XT

The highly-like feature that differentiate blink XT from other security cameras is that it runs on AA batteries that last for at least two years. You are able to get minute to minute update from your home and office with the help of this camera. 

This masterpiece is short and does not even notice that there are either cameras present or not. The easy to carry sall device camera can be easily connected to your device with the help of QR code mentioned on the back side of it. 

Blink XT camera shows you the Hd quality videos, that you can easily detect the faces of the people entering your home or may be office.

Disadvantages of using security cameras

We all are so much well aware that where there are advantages of certain things there must also be some disadvantages. Where these security cameras provide you 24 hours service of check and balance, at the same they also disturb the privacy of the people present at home. Nobody wants to be under police eye all the time. The family members may feel that they are bound at home. 

Buying Guide

1.   Comfort to carry

The security which can be placed anywhere in the house with an ease of shifting it from one place to another can be seen in so much cameras. I will recommend Blink XT for that purpose because it is an easily installable and placeable camera. 

2.           Storage 

Almost all of the above mentioned cameras are providing service of maximum recording and coverage. If you are looking for the camera that provides you maximum coverage without any quality compromise then you can choose any one of the above.  

3.           Connectivity to smartphones

Not only your personal computer but also your mobile phone can get easily connected with all the cameras but the Ring Flood light is having an edge over others here, because you are able to cross talk with any audible sound with the help of this camera. 

4.           View at night 

Most often the view at night is not clear. There is darkness as artificial light is not easily caught up in the cameras. Above mentioned cameras are best among  most of the others but foscam is here with advantage over others. 


 As every one is busy in their life, it may sometimes become difficult to keep an eye on your family members. Security cameras have become one of the most important things we need these days, even more the dash cam داش كام is trending and becomes an accessory part in your car to protect you and record what’s happening around your car.  There are moments which should not have to be missed but due to work requirements, we can not be present everywhere at any time.After reviewing the opinions of different people including youtubers and users reviews, we have come up with some high quality and affordable price security cameras.